#1 life-saving tip for people who live alone!


As a part-time bachelorette there have been lots of things I have done to ensure my safety in my home; upgraded the security system, extra smoke detectors, a baseball bat under the bed, 2 blood-thirsty dogs and motion detectors all over the yard….these were all no-brainers but the one thing no one talks about is the ol’toe in the pant!

I don’t know about you but I love a good lounge pant and when I get home from work it is a race to get into my “evening wear” which essentially makes me look as ugly as possible yet lifeextremely comfortable. My lounge pants usually are a moth eaten, baggy, sweat pant with a wide leg…that was until I was walking up the stairs, caught my big toe on my bell bottoms and landed head first into the stairs. With blood pouring out of my mouth the 2 aforementioned blood thirsty dogs were looking at me like Christmas had come early. I rallied and called off the dogs and decided a change in my wardrobe was badly needed if I wanted to see to the end of 2015.

So, in an effort to prolong the need to purchase a life-alert alarm I have thrown out all my wide legged pants and now only wear a tapered pant/leggings. Learn from my bruises, nothing good ever comes from a wide-legged pant…ok, maybe disco dancing but that’s where I draw the line!


Checked out the movie The Martian featuring Matt Damon. It Martianwas good, didn’t knock my socks off but my husband loved it. Over Thanksgiving weekend we watched the Entourage movie, it was fun if for nothing else than celeb spotting with the 100’s of cameos and the soundtrack (hello, new running music).


I am OBSESSED with a little bootie! I am so, so over the riding shoeboot trend and I got these on sale ($29.99) at Payless. They are super-duper comfy! Sometimes I can’t figure out how to make them work with my wardrobe then I found this great blog post on all the ways to make them work…love it! Check it out!



As we in Canada just celebrated our Thanksgiving weekend, I Stuffed-Turkey-Burgers-with-Cranberry-Ketchup_390x297busted out my traditional all-in-one Thanksgiving turkey dinner burger! They are always a hit and super simple, plus if you have left-overs they freeze like a charm!



And if you want to work these burgers off with minimal effort…ok, that’s a lie you will get sweaty, Swiss ball hamstring curls are my fave. I do them in commercial breaks when I watch the new Muppets sitcom (so funny! If you loved 30 Rock then you will love this show!)

Do these now!

Be good!


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