New year, new adventure



Well my darlings, the day has arrived and I am making my way out to Toronto. It has been 13 long months since Derek moved out east and I have been hustling to find work out there to join him. With much perseverance/tears/determination and the support of my former CJOB 680 family (Charles Adler, Geoff Currier and Scott Pettigrew)  I have managed to get a toe in the door with Corus Radio AM 640. I am excited to announce I will be working as the content producer for the Jeff McArthur show, have no fear you can listen online from noon-3pm Winnipeg time…1-4pm Toronto time.

I am pumped to be returning to radio after a 3 hiatus – TV is so overrated (LOL, I love ya TV), this will be fun and I am looking forward to meeting and chatting with the peeps of TO. In the words of radio DJ Kelly Parker “Radio is great, there is no heavy lifting and you get to wear flip-flops!” Jeff’s show is a great mixture of engaging phone-filling content, sports and hard-hitting news and now, more prairie news he ever thought possible!

As for my timelines, here’s how things will play out:

  • My last day working at CTV is Dec. 24th
  • Movers come on Dec 27th
  • I start at Corus January 11th
  • and we are still debating selling or renting out our house in Winnipeg. Any and all feedback on which you think is a better option, let’s hear it!

Trust me when I say (and I am not crapping on my new city) just know Winnipeg will always be in my heart. Leaving this gorgeous, super racist, completely flawed, hockey obsessed, steeped in incredible history and filled with amazing people will always be my home.

It’s time to buy shares in Kleenex, y’all. It’s going to be a soggy Christmas! *Cue uncontrollable crying.

Be good





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