I am ready to move to NYC!


Over the past 15 months I have lived in a meth lab, a bug infested suite, across the street from an exhibitionist, underneath a racist hypochondriac and now in an amazing house with a micro kitchen.

In my kitchen I have a hot plate, a toaster oven, a toaster and a microwave. For someone who loves cooking as much as I do, I was super hesitant about not having a full oven to use but as my husband says “it will build character”. I’ll be honest, the first couple weeks I ate a lot of sandwiches and packaged salads. Then I decided I needed to embrace my new surroundings….and that is when my micro cooking began. Here is what I know – a cook top hot plate is not great (Salton portable infrared cooktop), the heat isn’t even and the element is very slippery…slippery with a steep ledge making me very nervous. My parents used an old coil hot plate and it was super easy. So in my world, cheaper is better. BUT using the toaster oven has been an awakening!

I use the Cuisinart Deluxe Convection Toaster Oven Broiler. It warms up quickly, provides even heat and can easily cook 5 chicken breasts at one time. It is great for baking too. Yes, baking cookies takes longer because you can only bake about 5-6 at a time but the wait is worth it (especially the recipe linked below). I have cooked a roast, made phyllo pastry, roasted veggies and made a yummy gluten free pizza! I would consider having one of these machines on hand if you are cooking for one!

As for micro cooking it has it’s advantages too, you make smaller batches and I find I eat less because I just literally can’t be bothered to cook. If and when I move to New York and live in a 200 square apartment I will be so ready!

And now this…

Fun: I know I am late to the party on this one but I really enjoyed the movie Spider-man; spidermanHomecoming. It was funny, fast and for a non-Marvel fan, I really liked it. Don’t waste your money on Bad Moms 2 (I was a fan of the first one), this one has no heart and it gross just for the sake of being gross (and I love me some gross, this did not scratch that itch).

They have totally set it up for a third installment, I wont be going.

Fitness: This past week I have been super sick (stomach flu, I will spare you all the terrible details) and as a result I was super stiff and needed some yoga. So, I did a “first time free” visit to One Yoga for their gentle yoga class, it was exactly what the body needed. I had never been to their studio before but I will totally go back. The vibe was nice, the space was good and the instructor new her stuff. Back to crossfit this week with a yoga peppered in.

Food: My favourtie cookie right now is chocolate salted caramel and I use the Chipits chipitsbrand chips. Follow the recipe exactly on the back of the bag and trust me they will be the show stopper at any party!

Fashion: I am trying to embrace the whole velvet trend and according to Marilyn Denis for the holiday season your outfit should have just a hint of velvet on it some where! I bought a pair of fitted black pants with a velvet stripe down the side….I feel like they look like fancy track pants so basically I win! Slip on, black, velvet, and I could do karate in them! BOOM! Are you doing the velvet trend? I think it looks questionable on tv so this will be a strict off-air outfit.

Be Great!



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Happy to give February the finger!


Is it just me or does February always suck! I did everything I could to not get the winter blues or cabin fever but

I lost a couple days in February to just laying around in bed. It was both magical and sad.

I lost a couple days in February to just laying around in bed. It was both magical and sad.

once again February got the better of me. You sly bitch! The last week of January was no great hell either but February took me to a new level of dark. But just like that it was March and I don’t know changed…perhaps it’s all the sunshine, or the fact that I haven’t worn my parka in days but I feel lighter, brighter, happier and hopeful!

So, what did I do over the past couple weeks? I ramped up my work-outs at the gym but by doing that I aggravated my delicate little liver (mental note: I still cannot nor will I ever be able to do

This will never be me!

This will never be me!

advanced yoga moves – my doc says I can eat as many pretzels as I want, I just can’t contort my body into one!). I have been trying all sorts of killer paleo meals and this one for cabbage rolls was freakin’ awesome/easy! Give it a whirl, I ate these for 8 straight meals and was still not sick of them! http://stupideasypaleo.com/2013/01/30/golumbki-cabbage-rolls/#more-1230

I also fell in love with doing mountain climbers with wash clothes under my feet and weights on my back – it takes things to a whole new level. Here is a vid of what I am talking about…for the record I do not know this person, she seems cool! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HXn2AiAsmU&t=23

As for shopping, since I have been on a restricted budget due to my current lack of employment I have made a list of things I will buy once I get working again. The first thing I will buy when I get a job are these work-out tights! Do you love em? I do! Have you noticed I am crazy for tights! http://www.albionfit.com/bottoms/go-capri-black-1

Speaking of my lack of work РI have been for a couple interviews this past month which was a great feeling but nothing firm has come of any of them yet. I also worked on a new demo  which has given me a new, badly needed boost of confidence. Please let March be the month everything changes!

Be good my friends!