Fellow Eggnoggins Unite!


Are you a nog head? A nog-a-holic? A num num nog lover? You do not need to hide your milky egg shame any longer! You are in a safe space here because I LOVE EGGNOG TOO!

This holiday drink is so divisive among people, either you love it or hate it….it is basically the cilantro of December!

eggnog caloriesI am a purist, I like the full fat classic eggnog. I sometimes will dilute it with a little 1% milk but lets be honest, if you are sliding down the eggnog rabbit hole then you have made peace with the calories! To make it even more indulgent I will pour it over vanilla ice cream with a couple extra sprinkles of nutmeg! Eggnog with fresh banana bread…oh snap, give me a minute to compose myself! HEAVEN!

Adding booze to my nog is not my thing but I love all the different names for boozy nog: The Modern Bartender’s Guide from 1878 distinguishes “plain egg nog”, “egg milk punch”, and “milk punch” from one another. It also includes variations such as “Baltimore egg nog”, “General Jackson egg nog”, “Imperial egg nog”, and two types of “sherry cobbler egg nog”, as well as “sherry cobbler with egg”, “mulled claret with egg”, “egg sour”, and “Saratoga egg lemonade” (also called “sea breeze”)….I am more of a rum and nog if I am going to go for it…I call it “Fun-time Nog”!

But “Fun-time Nog” is not the real name, rum + nog is actually how we got the name “Eggnog”. The term is a combination of two colonial slang words — rum was referred to as grog and bartenders served it in small wooden mugs called noggins and that is how the first drink was named, egg-n-grog and later as eggnog. #TheMoreYouKnow

Starbucks makes a delish eggnog steamer, Walmart has a great eggnog scented candle keep calmthis year, eggnog pancakes are the most delicious variation on traditional pancakes (my fave recipe is below) and when I visit Winnipeg later in December I am hoping to get my nog loving hands on some eggnog cream filled eclairs from La Belle Baguette. In Saskatoon at Homestead Ice Cream they make a really great eggnog ice cream. We are going to the Cayman Islands this week and we will be making eggnog mudslides! Check my twitter/facebook this week for an update.

What is your fave nog recipe? Are you a purist? Or are you a non-nogger? If you are we can still be friends but like distant friends, not inner circle…..in the words of Demi Lovato “I am sorry not sorry”!

And now this…

Fun: My three favourite songs right now that make me stupid happy are: Bend by Ria Mae, while re-watching Office Christmas Party I fell in love with Electrify by Oliver and at yoga this week during the shavasana she played Tree to Grow by the Lone Bellow. All three are on repeat in my car and when I work out!

Fitness: Speaking of working out….winter running, biking, snowshoe racing or even cross country skiing for that matter,  I am all in for wearing my downhill ski goggles. I am so over having frosty eyelashes and frozen cheeks! I got a sweet pair from Sportchek, you don’t need to spend more than $40 for a decent pair. I may even wear them dog walking, that should get the neighbours talking!

Food: Here is the most delicious eggnog pancake recipe from “Let’s Dish Recipes” that I promise you will devour these this December! Fluffy, noggy and I like to add extra nutmeg because well…tis the season! Click here for the recipe.


Fashion: Ok so I have seen now a couple gals wearing velvet on air and I gotta say I am not a fan. In real life it looks great but on tv I feel it’s just too shiny and I am just not loving it…but I am loving this sleeveless sweater top from Le Chateau, it is also currently on sale which makes me wanna marry it! (please no comment on my Bert who loves Ernie eyebrows, occupational hazard).



Be Great!





Cracks in the foundation – return to Sociology class


I have been deliberately not writing my blog in fear of just writing about how incredibly sad I feel 24/7 and getting placed on a psych hold or worse, writing about how my life is super-awesome which would be a lie.

Here is the deal, I have cried almost every day for the past 3 months – change is hard and new is exhausting. It’s not that Toronto is the worst place on earth, far from it, it’s just I have been bogged down with guilt over leaving Manitoba, consumed by a death in the family coupled with major family stresses and then I got injured (dislocated my hand and put my back out)…it hasn’t been great.

So, how do I rally back? Thanks to a sociology class I took in 1992 at the University of Manitoba I have all the tools I need to re-group – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to the rescue! When times have gotten tough in the past  I have always returned to this pyramid to find me.


Here’s how it works – you make a list of the actual basic priorities you need to create balance in your life, you start with the base (the biggest part of the pyramid) and start building up. My basic needs are: good sleep, healthy food, working out, prayer and friendship. Once those are in place I add in adventure, sex and creativity (They are all exclusive of each other, easy does it you perverts! LOL) and so on. Then hopefully confidence and inner potential will return (I miss you old friend). None of this happens over night but it will work – here comes strict bed times, good nosh and consistent workouts, then phase 2.

Just a note to anyone who I may have lost at “prayer” -if you are a none believer that is totally cool – just try, just once, laying in bed and thinking about all the things your are thankful for – no amen necessary! It feels good to think of good things before you sleep.

On to other business!


I went Axe throwing today and it was super BAD ASS! It was harder than I thought it would be and actually a good core work-out because while you are laughing your butt off! Ok, I will admit I was a little jacked up because they had ACDC on blast and you know that fires me up!


Apparently the new super food trend to watch for is “Lucuma”. It is a fruit from Peru which looks like if a mango and an avocado had a baby.  I bought it in powder form from pulpa-de-lucumaBulk Barn ($13) and it has a very caramel-like flavour. You can use it as a sweetener in smoothies, baking and to make ice creams.  It has a super low glycemic index so insulin spikes won’t be a concern. I liked it, didn’t love it, haven’t given up on it yet.


I have been working out at home a lot lately which is fun because I get to play MY music crazy loud but it’s also a little lonely – I can’t wait for spring and daylight lasts past 5pm! But at the moment I am obsessed with the dumbbell squat presses. It gets me super sweaty and works the whole body!

Check out this video for technique:


I am in love with the white blazer with ripped jeans look! The best one I could find was at Le Chawhte blazerteau, it is a bit of budget buster at $139 but it is totally gorgeous!


Oh and as I am heading to the Cayman Islands soon I have become obsessed with rompers! Yes, rompers! It’s all in one and they feel like pajamas! I bought my first one from Old Navy http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=112879022&vid=1&locale=en_US&kwid=1&sem=false&sdkw=jersey-knit-romper-P112879&brandCvoSid=MDA2DT2764ZZ&sdReferer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oldnavy.com%2Fproducts%2Frompers.jsp

My search for a Toronto hairdresser specializing in big hair is my task for the week! I need this mane tamed!

Be great!




The question that nearly knocked me on my butt!


It all started with a simple visit to the shoe department at Sport Check, I needed new runners (Asics as always) and the young man helping me said “how long have you been running?” which made me hit the brakes and think about it..3+17+11+6….”27 years” I replied!


While I don’t plan on running partially nude anytime soon I so admire her ability to run without an industrial sports bra! #ClassicAtalanta

SWEET GODDESS OF RUNNING ATALANTA! How is this possible?? I started running cross country when I lived in Fishguard, Wales when I was 15 years old and then fast forward to today that makes it 27 years! Other than making chocolate chip cookies and obsessing over Saturday Night Live I really don’t think I have done anything else that long. Have you?

Running has always been my outlet to cure whatever ails me but there was a time when doctors said it was off the table forever. 4

Running with Corinne, Tammy, in winter and forever!

Running with Corinne, Tammy, in winter and forever!

years ago I developed a rare liver condition which resulted in the valves in liver to stop working, my liver would swell to twice it’s size, push my ribs out and put pressure on my heart and lungs. It was painful and exercise was out of the question with running being the worst (it would put my liver into seizure which meant sedation at the hospital). During the year long wait for surgery, then recovery and then post-op life running still was off the table but with lots of rehab and altering my running form (I now run slightly hunched over which somehow cradles my liver) I am happy to say that running is back into my weekly routine which makes me DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY! Cheers to 27 more years of running…you hear that knees, 27 more years please!!!


To honour my 27th run-aversary I bought these AMAZING tights Jordyn_P_Cherry_grandefrom Home Run Sports http://lbswear.com/collections/pant/products/jordyn-legging

They are new to Winnipeg, Canadian made and crazy comfy! The sizes run big so you will go down a couple (I love that!).


I am loving pureed cauliflower these days but I will warn you, running with 4 days worth of cauliflower in your colon is the best way to have your fastest run time ever!! TOOIIIILLLLEEETT!!!!!!

Try this super yummy banana chocolate chip paleo muffin recipe..so many almonds!! http://www.paleonewbie.com/paleo-banana-nut-chocolate-chip-muffins/


I am obsessed with the app “Sky Guide”. You hold up your phone to the sky and it shows you all the constellations, their names, planets and it is set to some sweet soothing music. It’s like being at the Planetarium right in your own backyard for only $1.99


If you wanna be inspired and find fun places to do sit-ups around Winnipeg then you must follow Lindsay Somers on Twitter (@lindsaysomers). She has been going around town and filming herself doing all sorts of different abdominal exercises in front of recognizable places and I LOVE IT! Get inspired with Lindsay!

Have a great week my friends!

Be good!



Ask me those 6 questions again – I have new answers!


Lots of big news to report this week!

For the past 2 weeks I have been filling in on the morning show with Frankie Hollywood at Energy 106. It is completely different from anything I have ever done before and it has been a lot ofEnergy106fm fun. The staff are super nice, the music keeps you moving and I can’t complain about the 6 minute drive to the station! I am very grateful to Adam West for giving me the opportunity and damn, that guy is hilarious! He has achieved the Fiona Odlum stamp of approval “Good Egg Status” -it’s basically like winning an Oscar. I will be there for one more week and then I am off to Investors Group Field! Why you say?

Opportunity has come a knocking and to quote my dear friend Tom Milroy “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you can’t say no” and fifa-womens-world-cup-2015he is absolutely right. So, starting mid-April I will be the new Communications Coordinator working with the Canadian Soccer Association as they host the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 here in Winnipeg and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It is a new endeavor and the event is going to take Winnipeg by storm! Seriously, when does Women’s sport at this level EVER get played in our home town? These women are amazing athletes, great community leaders and fantastic role models – if you wanna feel inspired, you gotta see them play!!! Yes, it’s true I am a soccer freak and I have played it for many years so I am slightly biased but honestly you will have goose bumps watching these women play!

I will also be filling in again for a couple shifts back on the Wheeler morning show as Jenna Khan is going on holiday later this month. I’ll keep you posted on the dates.

But that’s not it. Derek and I agree, when the World Cup is over it will be the perfect time to make the move out to Toronto. So in saying that, the realtor has been contacted, the house is getting listed in 2 weeks and I will be making the pilgrimage with the pups in tow (people keep asking me if I am taking the dogs with me and they clearly are off their meds because I would sooner die than re-home the loves of my life. No seriously that is beyond dumb, don’t speak to me!) and the move will happen at the beginning of July.pups and me

Having a moving date has given me structure, peace of mind and anxiety! If I was the Manitoba Flood Forecaster I would start planning on sandbagging the Red and the Assiniboine rivers because my tears will be of epic proportions. Sorry Hoop & Holler, you are getting flooded out!

So there it is, a new adventure is starting and the move is on. Now, I’m going to put on my lip gloss and pretend that I am totally psyched about it. I am also going to get as many work-outs in as I can at Aspire before I leave, best stress reliever ever…speaking of which, the squat rack is calling my name. Have a wonderful Easter weekend and be good my friends!


betty white

Warning! This post is full of vanity, humility and exhaustion.



On Sunday’s I usually hit up Goodlife gym and go to a spin class but this day I also did some weights because I wanted to go full hardcore gym rat — and that is when I became “that girl” or as some people might say “a complete and utter douche bag!” for the record I am those “some people”. I was feeling super good and it was during this moment that I was overcome with vanity and yes….yes, I took a pic of myself at the GYM! I promise you here and now I will NEVER do it again. Enjoy this pic for all it’s douchey-ness! y douchebag gym selfe!


I got up early today to cover the morning weather/traffic shift at work. It was as always super fun and I got to wear my new bracelet which I love, love, love! It is from http://www.imsmistyle.com. Monday night I checked in for a work-out at Aspire and it was tough but Jason always make it fun so you hardly notice that you wanna puke! For the record, I puked after my work-out on Saturday .

You can get one to from imsmistyle.com

You can get one to from imsmistyle.com


What a bizarre news day!

For those who don’t live in sleepy ol’ Winnipeg, Manitoba the police announced at their morning meeting that they had discovered “deceased infants” (3-4 babies) in a storage locker and they had a person of interest in custody. This instantly became international news and my work day imploded — I have never written so many emails in my life. To manage the stress of the day I finally broke down and sipped on a pumpkin spice skinny steamer with my girlfriends!

A delicious cliche

A delicious cliche

Tuesday night we learned all about the photo shoot at the end of P2P — on the photo shoot day will start at noon at Puressence salon to get our hair and make-up done and then off to the Kelly Morton’s studio for the actual photo shoot. We learned about how our diet will change the last 2 weeks leading up to the shoot and I have to admit it has intimidated the crap out of me. Previous P2P’ers have also whitened their teeth and spray tanned prior to the shoot, I will for sure do the spray tan part. But most importantly, as soon as the photo session is over we will eat…eat like queens and I can’t wait! I have been desperate for a cinnamon bun for weeks and weeks!

But by the end of the day going to learn about spray tanning, hairstyles, posing and pure vanity, it was really hard for me to focus because I was thinking about the horror of the day and the upcoming election…


It had been weeks/months in the making – election day! None of us however thought that come election day it would be almost irrelevant. Here is why:

So, those 3-4 babies — ya, it was now 6 babies and a 40 year old woman was now in custody. Then later Wednesday morning an armed gunman shot and killed a solider in Ottawa (our nations capital) and stormed our parliament building! It was so completely shocking and I felt as if our world had stopped. Then the nail-biter election turned into a landslide and a new mayor was elected — pretty anticlimactic. Congrats new Mayor Brian Bowman.


I ended up working late and then to salvage the day I ended up going to a late movie — St. Vincent, starring Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Jaeden Lieberher. Hear me now, Bill Murray will be up for an Oscar for his performance in this film! I cried, laughed and was left wondering if I could watch it again immediately.


Work, gym, halloween movie party! We watched The Conjuring and it was terrifying! Did you know it is a true story! Sweet Jesus!


It was a day of puttering and shopping! I first hit up MAC and traded in my 12 empty make-up containers for 2 free lipsticks! Because they were free I went kind of cra-cra!

On the left - Bombshell On the right - Rebel

On the left – Bombshell
On the right – Rebel

Then I hit up Target because they had sent me a 10% off coupon for the weekend and that is where I found my new leather winter gloves (the fur is faux) for $24. Now that they are home they really do look like they belong to Mrs. Claus but I don’t care  and they were within my $40 glove budget.

They kind of scream ho ho ho! Merry Christmas but oh well!

They kind of scream ho ho ho! Merry Christmas but oh well!

And my final note about the week that was…I tried this new recipe for Honey Dijon potatoes and they really knocked my moccasins off! They meet the Fiona standard – cheap, easy, healthy, tasty – Give it a try http://iowagirleats.com/2012/11/07/apple-cheddar-chicken-tartines-with-honey-dijon-roasted-potatoes/

Be good my friends!