Officially afraid of the dark!


When you own 2 black dogs the night time is your best friend in the summer. After being cooped up inside on a blazing hot day, the night brings sweet relief and time for a long walk but not for me anymore, I have literally become paralyzed with fear of the night.

Dusk is when the raccoons come out and Miss Lewi (one of my dogs) thinks it’s hilarious to chase them, they don’t think it’s so funny and they attack her. I am also concerned they will bite me as I’ve heard that’s a “thing” around these parts! Then add in the “random” violence and the fact that I know no one makes me incredibly nervous to go out alone at night. All things combined this has eliminated my beloved summer night runs and cool breezy walks with the dogs.


Yo! What are you looking at?

It’s gotten so bad I barely sleep anymore¬† because I worry the raccoons are eating through the screened in windows and trying to eat my hair (why my hair, I don’t know. I know how irrational I sound). Derek jokes that when we leave here I will have PTSD. He also didn’t help the situation by sending me a pic of a raccoon out on the golf course munching on a sandwich this week! A SANDWICH!

I am not entirely sure how to overcome this but for now I keep escorting the dogs out for their pre-bed pee with a flashlight and loud music playing and I will sadly say adieu to running outside. Winter was a much better time, until then night runs/dog walks.


No surprise here ‘Finding Dory‘ was a fun night out!

However, if you are childlessFinding-nemo-dory-marlin then do not make the rookie mistake I made, you MUST go to the late show! It is kid free and you don’t look like such a creeper!

PS. Apparently if you are bringing your kids to a movie in my area you can also smuggle in entire Jerk Chicken dinner for 6 and child minding is “optional”! You don’t want that chicken getting cold!



Step 1: Plank

Step 2: Jump your feet to the outside of your hands

Step 3: Pop up into a squat position (don’t stand up, it’s like a crouch and you put your arms to your sides/hands in front of you like you are blocking a soccer shot on goal)

Step 4: Hands back down – outside of your feet

Step 5: Pop back to plank

Step 6: Repeat til you puke (that’s usually around 32! #barf)


The other day we took a walk through “Greek town” aka “The Danforth” with some saucefriends from home (Janette and Jason) and we found a fruit and veggie stand selling amazing berries – I absolutely went overboard and was left with many baskets of blackberries. My friend Sandi use to make me blackberry meatballs so, in her honour I made blackberry BBQ sauce! Click here for the recipe, I made it sans ginger as I am allergic. So Delish!!!



I am obsessed with 2 things right now – watching the Euro Cup and Ear Crawlers! No they


Add some summer sparkle!

aren’t some sort of worm, they are what I call “sideways earrings”. I had been looking for them locally but with no luck and then Etsy came to the rescue! Click here for the link! With taxes, currency exchange and shipping they were only $20!

Of course, as soon as they arrived I found a local store carrying them so if I need more (because why not) I know exactly where to go!

Be Great!





The question that nearly knocked me on my butt!


It all started with a simple visit to the shoe department at Sport Check, I needed new runners (Asics as always) and the young man helping me said “how long have you been running?” which made me hit the brakes and think about it..3+17+11+6….”27 years” I replied!


While I don’t plan on running partially nude anytime soon I so admire her ability to run without an industrial sports bra! #ClassicAtalanta

SWEET GODDESS OF RUNNING ATALANTA! How is this possible?? I started running cross country when I lived in Fishguard, Wales when I was 15 years old and then fast forward to today that makes it 27 years! Other than making chocolate chip cookies and obsessing over Saturday Night Live I really don’t think I have done anything else that long. Have you?

Running has always been my outlet to cure whatever ails me but there was a time when doctors said it was off the table forever. 4

Running with Corinne, Tammy, in winter and forever!

Running with Corinne, Tammy, in winter and forever!

years ago I developed a rare liver condition which resulted in the valves in liver to stop working, my liver would swell to twice it’s size, push my ribs out and put pressure on my heart and lungs. It was painful and exercise was out of the question with running being the worst (it would put my liver into seizure which meant sedation at the hospital). During the year long wait for surgery, then recovery and then post-op life running still was off the table but with lots of rehab and altering my running form (I now run slightly hunched over which somehow cradles my liver) I am happy to say that running is back into my weekly routine which makes me DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY! Cheers to 27 more years of running…you hear that knees, 27 more years please!!!


To honour my 27th run-aversary I bought these AMAZING tights Jordyn_P_Cherry_grandefrom Home Run Sports

They are new to Winnipeg, Canadian made and crazy comfy! The sizes run big so you will go down a couple (I love that!).


I am loving pureed cauliflower these days but I will warn you, running with 4 days worth of cauliflower in your colon is the best way to have your fastest run time ever!! TOOIIIILLLLEEETT!!!!!!

Try this super yummy banana chocolate chip paleo muffin many almonds!!


I am obsessed with the app “Sky Guide”. You hold up your phone to the sky and it shows you all the constellations, their names, planets and it is set to some sweet soothing music. It’s like being at the Planetarium right in your own backyard for only $1.99


If you wanna be inspired and find fun places to do sit-ups around Winnipeg then you must follow Lindsay Somers on Twitter (@lindsaysomers). She has been going around town and filming herself doing all sorts of different abdominal exercises in front of recognizable places and I LOVE IT! Get inspired with Lindsay!

Have a great week my friends!

Be good!



My top 15 songs on my 2015 summer playlist! Crank it up!


My entire life has been majorly influenced by music. Starting with the Irish Rovers as a kid, Queen Ida and K.D Lang as a teen and then of course all the hair metal one Walkman can handle.

I would like to say my tastes have improved as I have aged but I am certain I am musically stunted at age 27 when I was at the height of my “bar star” lifestyle. Ok, so I may not go to the bar anymore but I do love me a good dance tune, especially if it is aimed at getting me up off the couch and to lace up my runners. And yes, I am aware I like too many Pitbull songs, deal with it!

The Walkman has been retired and replaced with an iphone and Beats, here are the 15 songs getting me fired up this summer:

1. Fun – Pitbull featuring Chris Brown

2. Pass at Me – Timbaland – featuring Pitbull (it’s 3 years old but new to me)

3. Honey, I’m Good – Andy Grammer

4. I Really Like You – Carly Rae Jepsen (this song took a long for me to connect with but she is a sweet little Canadian so I had to add her – she makes my teeth hurt #TooSweet)

5. Don’t It Make Ya Feel – Headpins (I have always LOVED this song, it’s the perfect mid-run song! God Bless 1982!)

6. & 7. are courtesy of my recent viewing of Magic Mike XXL, Joe Manganiello I LOVE YOU!

Ooh La La – Goldfrapp

Closer – Nine Inch Nails (WARNING NSFW – but perfect for power walking and other things a little bit more adult)

8. The Bomb – Pigeon John

9. Ship To Wreck – Florence + the Machine

10. Black – The Soft Moon (this song is dark and it’s supposed to be. I Shazamed it as they revealed the murderer on the TV show “How to get away with murder”)¬†

11. I Don’t Like it, I Love it – Flo Rida featuring Robin Thicke

12. First Kiss – Kid Rock (it’s in no way my fave song on this playlist but it gets the job done – I kinda miss the grittier version of Kid)

13. Flashlight – Jessie J (I often make this the song I listen to pre work-out)

14. Girl Crush – Little Big Town (This is my cool down walk home post-run song. I love LBT’s story of never giving up)

15. FOREVER and ALWAYS this song will be on EVERY playlist I EVER make….It’s a Long Way to the Top – AC/DC

Alright there you have it – now lace up and get after it! Go for a walk, run, skip, whatever, just get outside!!!

Be good!