Not what Orange Theory expected!


The other day the good folks at Orange Theory fitness asked us all to write a “bucket list” item on a sticky note and place it on the board for all to see. I am almost certain they wanted us to write stuff like “fit in my wedding dress again” or “wear my old college jeans” but those are not anywhere on my bucket list.


I made this bad boy! Thanks Orange Theory!

Once they handed me my square of paper what I wrote next was a no-brainer! I have always wanted to make a vinatarta cake! This is a very special cake to me. As a kid it was the very first cake I ever ate a wedding, Lynn and Larry Henry’s wedding to be exact. I remember it so clearly and how we got a little piece to take home to slip under our pillows (it was wrapped in cling film) with the promiseĀ  you would dream of your future husband/wife. I am not sure if mine ever made under the pillow because it tasted so damn good. I always thought I would have vinatarta at our wedding but didn’t, perhaps for our 25th anniversary.

For years I have built up in my head that making this cake would be impossible and that you needed special tools imported from Iceland to make it properly. Today I said “To hell with it Odlum, today you make this cake!” After a little Pinterest search I discovered no special tools are required, just a lot of patience! Here is the recipe I used – Vinatarta Cake!

Long story short, tackling the “unbakeable cake” or breaking an 8 minute mile or all that other stuff you think you can’t do…it’s all a joke because you can! Plus, your house will smell amazing afterwards #Almond Extract!


If you have 1 hr and 5 minutes then check out Patton Oswalt’s new comedy special “Talking for Clapping” on Netflix! It’s funny, timely and his bit about “My Pretty Pony” is hilarious!




Jumping Jack Push Ups are BAD ASS! I know they sound terrible but hot damn they are effective for an end of work out burn out exercise! Start with 6 and add 2 every time. We did these at the gym today and I can already feel them in my shoulders.

I tried out a power lifting gym this week and it was cool but I wasn’t sore at all afterwards. I will give 2 more tries before I make a decision.


I think I covered off food above šŸ™‚

But taking suggestions on what should be my next baking challenge…macaroons? Floating island? Baked Alaska?


jacketI am so happy that for fall jean jackets are still in and so are these green safari-style jackets! They literally go with everything and yes, I am dreaming of fall. The weather here has been unbearably hot for the past 2 weeks and I miss cozy sweaters and my sweet, sweet sweatpants.

On my shopping wish list: black ripped jeans and the perfect loose fitting camel coloured t-shirt.




Be Great!


cake funny




It’s the final countdown!


I can hardly believe we are in the 11th week of Push ups to Pin ups! When I first started I thought 12 weeks was such a long time but when you think about it, it’s not even one full term at university, I spent more time waiting for the third Hunger Games movie to come out than I did doing 100’s of squats at the gym (ps. the Hunger Games is great! I still think Peeta should have been cast differently but what can you do!).

As we reach the photo shoot day a lot of things in the past 3 weeks have derailed me from reaching my goal of losing 22 pounds:

1. My husband moving to Toronto, that was a big one. It has been incredibly stressful and while I have been trying to keep it careertogether, the truth is I have been struggling. However, I am starting to feel a lot better about everything and feeling hopeful. And for the record, I am incredibly proud of DT. We all have dreams in our lives and only a very select few ever actually get to live them and he absolutely is — hard work, determination, talent, and a great attitude all lead him to reach his ultimate goal. I could learn a thing or two from him!

And 2. I got crazy sick. Even though I got the flu shot this year I did manage to get sick. I think because I got so stressed out (see point #1 as the reason) my immune system just gave up. So, while I have been getting in my weekly work-outs there have been no extras but I have been eating so clean it is ridiculous! I am going to get some drugs from the doc this week to clear up my lungs and then I will be back to full strength!

Here is what I know about the last 11 weeks – I have seriously kicked ass, madeĀ  changes in my physique, my mind and my diet. I would be lying if I didn’t worry that once the photo shoot is over that all my hard work will go to hell but I am focused on getting stronger — I see you chin up bar, I want to meet you!

Here are some good things from the past 10 days:

1. A butt tonne of people came out to say “til the next time” to my DT which meant the world to me.

2. I slipped into 2 pairs of pants I haven’t worn in years! Oh black velvet pants I bought in New York, I love you again!

3. My house has never been cleaner! Moving and purging is liberating!

4. My amazing niece emailed me to asked me to go see S Club7 with her in England – you should know, my niece and nephew are my kryptonite and I will do anything including going to see S Club7. See you in England, May 15th, 2015!

and 5. All my photo shoot clothes have arrived (online shopping rules) and they all fit! KABOOM!

The next week should prove to be hellish as it is the final push to lose major lbs but I will have Winnipeg Blue Bomber God, Milt Stegall’s voice in my head all week. I had the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 interview with the football legend sweatlast week and when I asked him if he was still hitting the gym hard he replied “Beastmode is my warm up”! For the next 9 days beastmode will be my warm up, beastmode XXL for the rest! Watch out, here I come!

Thank you so much for all your kind words and support through this journey – I love ya!

Be good my friends!