Channeling my inner Adell!


This week has been all sorts of fun – it started with the Country Music Awards of Ontario at the Flato theatre in Markham. It was a super cool night, good music and interesting people. what I wasn’t expecting was a lack of cowboy hats and people complaining they had run out of wine glasses and had to drink beer…YOU ARE COWBOYS!

graffitiThen on Wednesday we had friends in from Canmore – Cam and Karina (also important to remember for later)! We went to Gusto 101 for supper and Sweet Jesus for dessert. I got to dinner a little early and was able to wander around “graffiti alley” which is essentially an instagramer’s wet dream!

Then we on Thursday we went to the Balmy Beach Canoe club and had a lesson in kayaking – we were certain we were going to be pros but didn’t realize it was “competition style” kayaks and not Canadian Tire specials. We both capsized into pretty gross, goose poop filled water but n the flip-side met some truly awesome people.

Then on Friday…stay with me..I am getting to Adell…we met up with friends from Winnipeg for supper at Pizzeria Libertto and then went to Roselle‘s for dessert! It was so great seeing our friends even if it was only for a couple hours, it’s nice being around people who just get you.

So, Adell…this week I had some personal high’s and low’s and we all have that friend who is always ready to get into trouble with you, fires you up, who agrees with you  whenDelly you say “that bitch was crazy right” and makes the most mundane things so much better like the 45 minute car ride home every day! Well that is my Adell – and what she doesn’t know is this week when I wasn’t really channeling my warrior spirit, I would say under my breath “Get your shit together and channel your inner Adell” and just like that I jumped into a limo instead of taking my car to the CMAO’s, laughed off falling in the water and most of all didn’t cry when I saw my friends. Thank you my sweet Adell –my much braver,  funnier, kinder person than I will ever  be and on top of it all, with the superior rack, I couldn’t ask for a better friend/doppelganger/secret motivator!


My friend Susan (pictured above also cradling Adell’s bosom) told me recently that I had slipped into isolation madness for what I am about to say but I stand by it…Call me Fitz is a funny Canadian show that didn’t get it’s day! It’s true, I am biased because I worked with one of the cast members (Huse Madhavji back in the A-Channel days) but Jason Priestly is very funny in the series and it’s quirky — the complete series can be found on CraveTV


My fitness has hit a bit of road block these days – so I am struggling to find something to write here — I have been plagued with aches and pains and a fickle lower back. I have been trying to foam roll every night (ok, every other night) but it’s not working. I am finally going to go to the doctor tomorrow where I fully expect them to say I have gout — well, that is what Derek and Dr. Wikipedia say is wrong with me. TBDmilk



When waiting in the epic line at Sweet Jesus with Cam and Karina, Karina told me that she makes her own almond milk – at first I thought “who has time for that?” and “that is some next level hipster nonsense” ….so ya, I did it and it is AMAZING!!! It is a little bit of work but the end product is better than store bought and it tastes like melted vanilla ice cream! Do it, do it now and tell your friends!


Summer has officially hit the T-dot and my little production booth at work is essentially a hot-box and I sweat constantly. It is super unattractive and I am severely stressing about August and under-boob sweat –besides back pain, under-boob sweat is the leading reason why I would get a boob job. So, I am in search of the perfect professional tank/sleeveless top. Any suggestions?

In the meantime, I am opting for skirts to try and minimize butt sweat — I am not joking when I say it is hot in that unventilated room with direct sun!

I bought this skirt from Joe Fresh at $24 it’s a steal, and this skirt from Mountain Equipment Co-op (yup MEC), it was pricey at $59 but it is so crazy soft and made of organic cotton. Plus, I plan on buying some Birkenstock sandals this summer to fully revert back to my 90’s ways.


Be Great!




I’m back….for one week!


Oh the stories I have to share with you…I was asked to do some fill-in work next week on Wheeler in the Morning on City, Drew is taking a much deserved holiday so I will be hanging out with Jenna out on remote for the entire week! I am really looking forward to it and the segments we have lined up will be super fun – um hello, we are making BEER! I will be going to the speedway, something fun with dogs, I also want to sneak in a bakery or 2 (Sleepy Owl and Chew’s new bakery I am looking at you!) and a whole bunch of stuff. If you have any ideas I am all ears!

Last week, I was out in Toronto which was supposed to be strictly for funsies but I ended up having a couple meetings with

DT and I hanging out by Lake Ontario!

DT and I hanging out by Lake Ontario!

potential employers. I gotta say, everyone I have met out there has been lovely, I mean I would of course love them more if they said “You’re hired!” but either way it’s been a pretty positive experience. I should also say, if the right opportunity came along in Winnipeg, Regina, Vancouver but never you Lethbridge (you know what you did) I would be on the move, Derek and I agree we can weather any storm.

But today I got the most amazing surprise! There I was sitting on my couch chatting with DT on the phone and I see the mailman walk up with a parcel wrapped in the tell-tell Zulily wrapping and I

I am truly blessed to have friends who care and send me surprise sweaters!

I am truly blessed to have friends who care and send me surprise sweaters!

said “I didn’t order anything?”, I open it and see the sweater I was drooling over and posted right her on my blog. I asked DT “Did you send me this?” and he paused and said “No, but I know who did!” and he told me it was from his longtime school chum Bridget. Bridget and I met years ago and have chatted over the years via FB so to get this parcel seriously knocked me on my ass! I left her a hysterical voice mail of me crying and thanking her for the amazing surprise, I can’t wait til we talk and I will try to keep my emotions in check!!!! Seriously, how insanely thoughtful!!! And now I am crying again……thank you Bridget!

Ok, I have composed myself! Lately, I have been trying really hard to ween myself off of potatoes which isn’t considered paleo and switch to sweet potato full time. So far so good, sweet potatoes do cook faster so that is good and they do caramelize nicely which is an added bonus but they just don’t taste great as fries. I am a big fan of anything I can call little packages so this recipe covers all the bases….wrapped in foil, chicken and sweet potato, you can’t lose!

I have been tempting fate a little bit lately and trying to do more oblique work – so far my body hasn’t completely rejected me. For those of you who don’t know, I have troubles with my liver and

Side wall crunch is super effective and totally can be done watching tv.

Side wall crunch is super effective and totally can be done watching tv.

sometimes it swells up because fluid get trapped

Carrie Underwood CALIA brand tights available at Dick's sporting goods

Carrie Underwood CALIA brand tights available at Dick’s sporting goods

inside. It is very painful at times and I have had surgery to resolve some of the issues but before you send me any smoothie recipes or cleanses or pills none of that will work, it is a genetic, 1 in a 1,000,000 abnormality, you can’t fix me.

Also fitness related, did you know that Carrie Underwood has her own line of work-out gear? It’s called CALIA and I bought these tights and I FREAKING LOVE THEM!

Finally, in other news I watching the flicks The Kingsmen and Run all night, if you have $12 to burn spend it on Run all night – I know you are saying “But Fiona, isn’t it just Taken 4?” and I will say “No”. Liam Neeson is vulnerable, believable and who ever played his son in the movie is really good! Go check it out!

Be good my friends.


Change is in the wind!


As faithful readers you know I have been planning a move out to Toronto to follow my delicious husband! Ya, that’s right, I called him delicious, those of you who are fans of the TV show “The Goldbergs” you know of which I speak! Oh, Beverly!

The plan all along was he would head out east first and I would continue working here in peg-city until I was able to find a gig out there too! Failing that, I would go to school in the fall at the U of T where I have already been accepted, huzzah!

I will be honest, I wanted to be with my delicious DT immediately but it meant leaving everyone behind and the best job I think I truly ever had which I wasn’t really quiet ready to do. Well…. that all changed on Tuesday with one simple sentence “Today was Breakfast Television’s last show”!

The feelings of surprise, shock, bewilderment, liberation, anxiety, relief and optimism hit my body like……WHOA NELLY!What is coming no one knows! After the shock wore off it was weird because I wasn’t really sad about losing my job, I was sad because now the move was right there, looking at me like a gigantic pre-teen zit!

So, after the trigger was pulled I called DT and he booked the earliest flight back to Winnipeg and a big thanks goes to TSN for helping make that happen – I don’t know you but you sound like good peeps! Plus, over the past few days I have been reaching out to folks letting them know about what has happened and lots of people have been reaching out to me too which, sweet Jesus feels incredible! You have no idea how much power a simple text has over your heart! So, with all of that going on it has lifted my fears of moving and to be honest –I think I am kind of starting to get excited! YUP – I…am…excited!

I am also excited about the new show at Citytv! I know I am treading in dangerous waters here and I mean no disrespect to anyone who was part the BT family because I truly love you.  Wheeler and his gang have built a huge name, reputation and very loyal following. They deserve this moment, they have worked really hard and their talents are undeniable.

Enough about those jerks (I kid) this is about me! As in every life event and for the purpose of this blog here is what I have learned in the past 3 days: 1) I am stronger than this challenge and this challenge is making me stronger! 2) My true friends are super bad-ass and I love them dearly!

Move forward and just jump!

Move forward and just jump!

3) I am ready to pop that gross giant zit and make the move out east and 4) In the words of my dear Eva Kovacs I now believe I can take the leap and trust the net will appear.

I feel your love, support and I hear your blessings.

In other news – I have dropped another 3 pounds and I bought

My new fave t-shirt!

My new fave t-shirt!

this bad ass top from etsy. It arrived today and I love it, Golden Girls forever!!!

Be good!


Day 2 – Who me, a pin-up?


Ok, so here is the deal, I won’t be posting everyday but I might, who knows. No, seriously I have no idea what I am doing here!

Anyway, it’s late and I am already starting to ramble…here is what happened today:

Got up, went to work, left work early (prearranged, I didn’t just skip out), went to the gym where I did my second P2P work-out and that is when it hit me…I am no pin-up! I am a guys girl, I am the one who tells really gross fart jokes (ya, my mom raised a classy lady over here), what the hell am I doing being anywhere near something girly? The gym is covered with beautiful photos of past P2P participants where 80% of them have pretty much zero on, while others are very modestly dressed. Either way the entire process is designed to have you thinking with one goal in mind – the photo shoot!

I am not those women and while yes their photos are seriously works of art, I can’t visualize myself up on the “wall of incredible achievement”! I want to be there but more importantly I want the picture to really reflect who I am. Jason (owner of Aspire) had suggested I do my pictures with my dogs and while yes they probably will squeak in there somehow I really want my picture to reflect the person I lost a long, long time ago…Fiona, the athlete. That doesn’t mean I will posing in a Jets jersey, I want to wear a tank top and have defined arms, a defined waist (I don’t need abs to feel like I succeeded) and damn it, I want smaller boobs (sorry ladies and gents but I do).

football 3

Coach Brian Dobie and me

This feeling and break through happened because part of my job today was to go and interview the head coach of the Bison football team, Brian Dobie. A 100 moons ago I was a Bison athlete and it was a great time in my life, I was strong, healthy and I made a bunch of life long friends. Being surrounded by that same energy today was exactly what I needed to find my focus and inspiration. Thank work!

So to celebrate my new found focus, I splurged and bought locally grown organic strawberries from Cramptons and munched on them while watching Big Brother which was kind of a let down tonight but who cares – fresh strawberries baby and here’s to being an athlete (again)!

football 2strawberries