Channeling my inner Adell!


This week has been all sorts of fun – it started with the Country Music Awards of Ontario at the Flato theatre in Markham. It was a super cool night, good music and interesting people. what I wasn’t expecting was a lack of cowboy hats and people complaining they had run out of wine glasses and had to drink beer…YOU ARE COWBOYS!

graffitiThen on Wednesday we had friends in from Canmore – Cam and Karina (also important to remember for later)! We went to Gusto 101 for supper and Sweet Jesus for dessert. I got to dinner a little early and was able to wander around “graffiti alley” which is essentially an instagramer’s wet dream!

Then we on Thursday we went to the Balmy Beach Canoe club and had a lesson in kayaking – we were certain we were going to be pros but didn’t realize it was “competition style” kayaks and not Canadian Tire specials. We both capsized into pretty gross, goose poop filled water but n the flip-side met some truly awesome people.

Then on Friday…stay with me..I am getting to Adell…we met up with friends from Winnipeg for supper at Pizzeria Libertto and then went to Roselle‘s for dessert! It was so great seeing our friends even if it was only for a couple hours, it’s nice being around people who just get you.

So, Adell…this week I had some personal high’s and low’s and we all have that friend who is always ready to get into trouble with you, fires you up, who agrees with you  whenDelly you say “that bitch was crazy right” and makes the most mundane things so much better like the 45 minute car ride home every day! Well that is my Adell – and what she doesn’t know is this week when I wasn’t really channeling my warrior spirit, I would say under my breath “Get your shit together and channel your inner Adell” and just like that I jumped into a limo instead of taking my car to the CMAO’s, laughed off falling in the water and most of all didn’t cry when I saw my friends. Thank you my sweet Adell –my much braver,  funnier, kinder person than I will ever  be and on top of it all, with the superior rack, I couldn’t ask for a better friend/doppelganger/secret motivator!


My friend Susan (pictured above also cradling Adell’s bosom) told me recently that I had slipped into isolation madness for what I am about to say but I stand by it…Call me Fitz is a funny Canadian show that didn’t get it’s day! It’s true, I am biased because I worked with one of the cast members (Huse Madhavji back in the A-Channel days) but Jason Priestly is very funny in the series and it’s quirky — the complete series can be found on CraveTV


My fitness has hit a bit of road block these days – so I am struggling to find something to write here — I have been plagued with aches and pains and a fickle lower back. I have been trying to foam roll every night (ok, every other night) but it’s not working. I am finally going to go to the doctor tomorrow where I fully expect them to say I have gout — well, that is what Derek and Dr. Wikipedia say is wrong with me. TBDmilk



When waiting in the epic line at Sweet Jesus with Cam and Karina, Karina told me that she makes her own almond milk – at first I thought “who has time for that?” and “that is some next level hipster nonsense” ….so ya, I did it and it is AMAZING!!! It is a little bit of work but the end product is better than store bought and it tastes like melted vanilla ice cream! Do it, do it now and tell your friends!


Summer has officially hit the T-dot and my little production booth at work is essentially a hot-box and I sweat constantly. It is super unattractive and I am severely stressing about August and under-boob sweat –besides back pain, under-boob sweat is the leading reason why I would get a boob job. So, I am in search of the perfect professional tank/sleeveless top. Any suggestions?

In the meantime, I am opting for skirts to try and minimize butt sweat — I am not joking when I say it is hot in that unventilated room with direct sun!

I bought this skirt from Joe Fresh at $24 it’s a steal, and this skirt from Mountain Equipment Co-op (yup MEC), it was pricey at $59 but it is so crazy soft and made of organic cotton. Plus, I plan on buying some Birkenstock sandals this summer to fully revert back to my 90’s ways.


Be Great!




The Big Smoke, b-ball, bosses and blouses!


Oh what a week! I flew out to Toronto this week to visit my hubby at his new condo and to start making actual face to face connections with potential employers.

I was super excited to get to hang out with DT and have him tour me around Toronto but I will be honest, I was CRAZY nervous about meeting the people who may or may not determine sweaterif I get to maintain my online shopping addiction (ie. have disposable cash to spend on that damn sweater I have been eyeballing on Zulily for over 3 months – see right) or continue to keep my pocket book closed for business (UGH! I need that sweater!).

I’m not going to go into detail about the meetings but I can safely say one was better than all the others! There is now hope where there was none before! When I was getting really stressed this week I kept reminding myself of the famous Babe Ruth quote “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run”, it will come, I just have to believe. I feel like a walking self-help book!  BUT here is the deal, I am open to anything right now, even right here in Winnipeg. In the meantime, if anyone has part-time work I am available – mama needs to stay busy and Ruby and Lewi are getting really sick of me! Make me an offer!

While in TO we caught up with one of Derek’s longtime friends Orlando Magic v Toronto Raptors, Game 3and checked out a Raptors game! Now, I am going to get into a lot of local trouble in saying this but….Raptors fans are pretty GREAT and they may be better than Jets fans. There I said it! It’s true! The Raptors put on a great show, the seats were great, the fans were jovial, the concessions were awesome and I really enjoyed myself! Please don’t kick me out of Pegcity – Bomber fans you are still #1!

But the real thing that has been bothering me lately is all this fantastic news I have been missing in Winnipeg! We are racist, maclean-swe are drinking e.coli water, we have major concerns in our City Hall and the list goes on…and I can’t cover any of it!!! It is killing me! Ok, the fact we are racist isn’t “fantastic” but I am so glad it is being talked about  and sitting on the sideline blows. Whether you agree with the statement about our province is neither here nor there, I applaud the coverage it has gotten and I hope it has sparked good/healthy conversations in your home.

Lately I have been experimenting in the kitchen and these 2 recipes are keepers – Melt in your mouth Greek yogurt smothered chicken and sweet potato crust quiche Give ’em a whirl and let me know if they worked for you too!

When I was in Toronto I bought this top in baby blue (colour not shown here) and according to every store we checked out “Tomato red” is the colour of spring. I’m not sure how I feel about that!

Finally to recap, the week was a bit of a roller coaster for me and at times it got the better of me — but at the end of the day I have to remind myself that I am stepping waaaaaaaaaaaaaayy out of my comfort zone so, I can’t expect everyday to be perfect. Plus, once again this week I am reminded that without my team of family+friends standing right behind me, beside me and leading the way, I would have cracked a long time ago. I am grateful and I do not take your kindness, support and leadership for granted.

Be good!


Light switch moment!


It has finally happened, I have crossed over the resistance bridge! Over the weekend, I had a bunch of commitments which required me to eat…eat really yummers food (Shwarma, Harvest supper, Pizza party x2, gorgeous desserts) and while I was able to make modifications to all of the events (expect one of the pizza parties) I think I did pretty great. Part of the P2P (push-ups to pin-ups) program is to eat paleo – where I agree with the basic foundation of eating paleo, which is essentially eating beautiful unprocessed foods, I do believe that certain grains are still good in moderation (oatmeal, quinoa and brown rice).

For this 12 week challenge I have committed (in my brain) to cut out processed foods, fast food, pastas and breads – so far it has been surprisingly easy….when I am at home and have time that is, when I am on the road or working 16 hours in a day things get really tricky! A woman can eat only so many apples in a day and please don’t suggest eating raw veggies because they just repeat on me all day. Any, it’s all about baby steps!

But where does the light switch come? Well, that belongs to one Ms. Katie Couric and her movie Fed Up. It’s all about how obesity is killing Americans at a staggering rate, that everything is being puppet mastered by big business and that if you wanna beat the odds and stick it to big business you gotta start cooking at home! I just saved you an hour and 38 minutes of your life. I actually do recommend it, very interesting!. But cooking you say? Why didn’t you say something before!


FEd up



This week-end I have been cooking up a storm and even though I said I wouldn’t make paleo baking – I went there (sort of)! I found a super/cool/easy paleo recipe for pumpkin protein pancakes which taste like Starbuck’s pumpkin spice lattes. Recipe is here: I figure if I keep looking for scrummy healthy recipes then I think we will be rocking and rolling with this whole paleo eating business!

Other eeek-end highlights:

Bought a super cute cardigan from Target (they do a good ‘cardi’ and they are currently 20% right now), finally went up to the farm (haven’t been up there in MONTHS!), had a great couple work-outs, watched the movie “Mortified Nation” and it is hilarious , I also went to Tiny Feast Stationary (I spent so much money, cringe/love it) , AND most importantly I cleared our the cupboards of all processed snacks (don’t tell DT -eek)!

Here is to a G-R-E-A-T week!



Inner demons rear their ugly head!


It’s been a rough 24 hours. I am not going to lie, I have cried more times than I want to admit!

I have a headache/sore throat and my every thought is consumed with “When will I eat?” “What will I eat?” “Where can I get food?” “When can I work-out” and “damn it, I didn’t get my homework work-outs done”.  I am trying to block out all the chatter in my head and replace it with “you did better than yesterday” “you can only do what you can do” “If change was easy everyone would do it and you are NOT everyone else!” “you are a beast – get it done!” and then very loudly ” I AM NO QUITTER”!

To make matters worse, my husband taped the season opener of the Biggest Loser and low and behold this year is all about former athletes who have gained weight post-sport. I was immediately hooked –and that is when brain went to a dark place. I was glued to the screen, crying my ugliest of cries while replaying my very own highlight reel in my head – being reminded of being in peak physical shape, nightmares of over training, thinking about all of the huge sacrifices made by myself/my family, memories of the horrible decisions I made which impacted my focus, feeling proud of my past accomplishments and in the end questioning my decision to walk away from it all.

Why did I stop sport? After having my face re-built twice, breaking both my feet/right ankle, both wrists, 9 out of 10 fingers, 2 concussions + losing my memory for 6 months I figured I should do myself a favour and simply “retire”. So, retirement meant finding something new to obsess over and that became work. I used to work 4 jobs, I would squeak in the odd work-out but it was low on my list and then one day I woke up to find that my size 6 jeans were a distant memory and 12’s were the new staple. WHAT IN SWEET HELL? How did that happen?!





Ok, so I no longer have six pack abs or muscular legs, many wonderful things have happened for me since sport. 1) I met my husband 2) I entered a new family- the broadcasting family,
we are weird, tight knit group and we speak a language full of bizarre abbreviations and 3) a love/passion for cooking.

So here comes my big internal battle – how do I blend my past obsessive life of fitness/sport and present more relaxed life into beautiful harmony? The husband stays – he is much to handsome, smart and awesome to get rid of!

Suggestions welcome!