Channeling my inner Adell!


This week has been all sorts of fun – it started with the Country Music Awards of Ontario at the Flato theatre in Markham. It was a super cool night, good music and interesting people. what I wasn’t expecting was a lack of cowboy hats and people complaining they had run out of wine glasses and had to drink beer…YOU ARE COWBOYS!

graffitiThen on Wednesday we had friends in from Canmore – Cam and Karina (also important to remember for later)! We went to Gusto 101 for supper and Sweet Jesus for dessert. I got to dinner a little early and was able to wander around “graffiti alley” which is essentially an instagramer’s wet dream!

Then we on Thursday we went to the Balmy Beach Canoe club and had a lesson in kayaking – we were certain we were going to be pros but didn’t realize it was “competition style” kayaks and not Canadian Tire specials. We both capsized into pretty gross, goose poop filled water but n the flip-side met some truly awesome people.

Then on Friday…stay with me..I am getting to Adell…we met up with friends from Winnipeg for supper at Pizzeria Libertto and then went to Roselle‘s for dessert! It was so great seeing our friends even if it was only for a couple hours, it’s nice being around people who just get you.

So, Adell…this week I had some personal high’s and low’s and we all have that friend who is always ready to get into trouble with you, fires you up, who agrees with you  whenDelly you say “that bitch was crazy right” and makes the most mundane things so much better like the 45 minute car ride home every day! Well that is my Adell – and what she doesn’t know is this week when I wasn’t really channeling my warrior spirit, I would say under my breath “Get your shit together and channel your inner Adell” and just like that I jumped into a limo instead of taking my car to the CMAO’s, laughed off falling in the water and most of all didn’t cry when I saw my friends. Thank you my sweet Adell –my much braver,  funnier, kinder person than I will ever  be and on top of it all, with the superior rack, I couldn’t ask for a better friend/doppelganger/secret motivator!


My friend Susan (pictured above also cradling Adell’s bosom) told me recently that I had slipped into isolation madness for what I am about to say but I stand by it…Call me Fitz is a funny Canadian show that didn’t get it’s day! It’s true, I am biased because I worked with one of the cast members (Huse Madhavji back in the A-Channel days) but Jason Priestly is very funny in the series and it’s quirky — the complete series can be found on CraveTV


My fitness has hit a bit of road block these days – so I am struggling to find something to write here — I have been plagued with aches and pains and a fickle lower back. I have been trying to foam roll every night (ok, every other night) but it’s not working. I am finally going to go to the doctor tomorrow where I fully expect them to say I have gout — well, that is what Derek and Dr. Wikipedia say is wrong with me. TBDmilk



When waiting in the epic line at Sweet Jesus with Cam and Karina, Karina told me that she makes her own almond milk – at first I thought “who has time for that?” and “that is some next level hipster nonsense” ….so ya, I did it and it is AMAZING!!! It is a little bit of work but the end product is better than store bought and it tastes like melted vanilla ice cream! Do it, do it now and tell your friends!


Summer has officially hit the T-dot and my little production booth at work is essentially a hot-box and I sweat constantly. It is super unattractive and I am severely stressing about August and under-boob sweat –besides back pain, under-boob sweat is the leading reason why I would get a boob job. So, I am in search of the perfect professional tank/sleeveless top. Any suggestions?

In the meantime, I am opting for skirts to try and minimize butt sweat — I am not joking when I say it is hot in that unventilated room with direct sun!

I bought this skirt from Joe Fresh at $24 it’s a steal, and this skirt from Mountain Equipment Co-op (yup MEC), it was pricey at $59 but it is so crazy soft and made of organic cotton. Plus, I plan on buying some Birkenstock sandals this summer to fully revert back to my 90’s ways.


Be Great!




My top 15 songs on my 2015 summer playlist! Crank it up!


My entire life has been majorly influenced by music. Starting with the Irish Rovers as a kid, Queen Ida and K.D Lang as a teen and then of course all the hair metal one Walkman can handle.

I would like to say my tastes have improved as I have aged but I am certain I am musically stunted at age 27 when I was at the height of my “bar star” lifestyle. Ok, so I may not go to the bar anymore but I do love me a good dance tune, especially if it is aimed at getting me up off the couch and to lace up my runners. And yes, I am aware I like too many Pitbull songs, deal with it!

The Walkman has been retired and replaced with an iphone and Beats, here are the 15 songs getting me fired up this summer:

1. Fun – Pitbull featuring Chris Brown

2. Pass at Me – Timbaland – featuring Pitbull (it’s 3 years old but new to me)

3. Honey, I’m Good – Andy Grammer

4. I Really Like You – Carly Rae Jepsen (this song took a long for me to connect with but she is a sweet little Canadian so I had to add her – she makes my teeth hurt #TooSweet)

5. Don’t It Make Ya Feel – Headpins (I have always LOVED this song, it’s the perfect mid-run song! God Bless 1982!)

6. & 7. are courtesy of my recent viewing of Magic Mike XXL, Joe Manganiello I LOVE YOU!

Ooh La La – Goldfrapp

Closer – Nine Inch Nails (WARNING NSFW – but perfect for power walking and other things a little bit more adult)

8. The Bomb – Pigeon John

9. Ship To Wreck – Florence + the Machine

10. Black – The Soft Moon (this song is dark and it’s supposed to be. I Shazamed it as they revealed the murderer on the TV show “How to get away with murder”)

11. I Don’t Like it, I Love it – Flo Rida featuring Robin Thicke

12. First Kiss – Kid Rock (it’s in no way my fave song on this playlist but it gets the job done – I kinda miss the grittier version of Kid)

13. Flashlight – Jessie J (I often make this the song I listen to pre work-out)

14. Girl Crush – Little Big Town (This is my cool down walk home post-run song. I love LBT’s story of never giving up)

15. FOREVER and ALWAYS this song will be on EVERY playlist I EVER make….It’s a Long Way to the Top – AC/DC

Alright there you have it – now lace up and get after it! Go for a walk, run, skip, whatever, just get outside!!!

Be good!



No you may not screw with my brain – that is my job!


It has been 5 months now of eating the paleo menu (for the wiki definition ) essentially I have been eating only meat, fruits and veggies (and yes the

Yum in my Tum

Yum in my Tum

odd cheat day where I will have a bun or a cookie which I immediately regret). This change has made huge improvements to my overall health blah, blah, blah…but my favourite part besides that lack of crippling diarrhea is I can give a massive F-U to big business!

When you eliminate processed/packaged food and buy fruits, veggies and fresh meat you are putting money into farmers pockets which stays right here at home PLUS you eliminate a lot of garbage from your diet which your body was never designed to deal with! When I started digging around and learning about packaged foods it totally freaked my freak. Big business spends a butt load of cash on making sure that we believe we need their product, that we are tricked into craving it, that we can’t live with out it and we become addicted! Breaking free of that cycle has been liberating!

Drink up!

Drink up! You know you wanna!

It is safe to say, I have drunk the Kool-aid and I am not trying to brain wash you here into coming over to the paleo dark side but going grocery shopping is hilarious to me now – I never enter the middle aisles at the store anymore, I don’t notice Burger King when I am driving home and eating candy now tastes literally like poison in my mouth – it’s super weird/awesome!! I have taken control of my own brain and wallet!

Another added bonus – the volume of my recycling has gone done due less packaging waste and my fridge is no longer a graveyard for cucumbers! Small victories!!!

Ok, sermon over! Amen or something to that effect!

Here is my current status – it has been a hellish couple weeks  but things are starting to turn around. My cranky old car is now fixed (I hope), I am heading out to Toronto in a couple weeks which I am super jazzed about, I booked two emcee gigs and an overnight in Brandon with the Manitoba Cacanolanola Growers for a foodies weekend, it is going to be so oily – that’s a lame canola joke! I am also challenging myself next week – I have never worked on a political campaign before so next week I will be volunteering at Theresa Oswald’s headquarters. You could be one of the lucky ones to receive a robo call from yours truly!

The Oscar’s are right around the corner so it is movie madness at my house. This week I watched ‘Selma’, it was an excellent

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are brilliant!

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are brilliant!

refresher class in history and an even better conversation starter about modern day issues which faces many of the same battles. I will be viewing ‘Boyhood’ tomorrow (pray for my butt – it’s a long one) and not nominated but still interesting ‘The Skeleton Twins’ – it is a dark comedy which hit all the right spots for me, I liked it!

I need your advice, I am hardcore Jonesing for these tights from H&M and they might just have to be my splurge this weekend! Eek $29!! Love ’em or hate ’em? I say Love ’em!

Be good!


The pictures are in!


How fitting on the last day of the year I get to share with you a handful of the pictures from my Aspire Fitness P2P photo shoot day.

It feels like it has been ages since the photo shoot. I feel even more committed than before to losing weight and getting Tracy Moore bad ass arms! Eating paleo over the holidays was surprisingly easy and when time got tight I did my work-outs in my little home basement gym. I had family stay with from the Cayman Islands for a couple days before Christmas so I had a 5 year old work-out partner. He was great and actually that little man was super motivating “Yes, Jon, I can do more lunges, let’s do it again!”.

It was also super nice having Derek home for a couple days. It was tough sending him back to Toronto and yes I did the “crying wife” scene at the airport (insert crying face emoji here).

Anyway, that is not why you are here…you wanna see the pics!!! Here we go! Pics taken by Kelly Morton, hair and make-up Pureessence!

My ladiesLewi my love!Elle est forteHappy head shotLBD and little black dogsSide profileProfessionalHappiness is...

What are your 2015 goals? Mine are simple – 1. Get a job in Toronto 2. Actually listen to my voicemail messages (UGH! I hate voicemail) 3. Drop 15 pounds between now and March 1st and 4. Way more hugging, kissing and….get ready DT ❤

Have a GREAT 2015 y’all and let’s attack this year beastmode style!

Be good!


It’s the final countdown!


I can hardly believe we are in the 11th week of Push ups to Pin ups! When I first started I thought 12 weeks was such a long time but when you think about it, it’s not even one full term at university, I spent more time waiting for the third Hunger Games movie to come out than I did doing 100’s of squats at the gym (ps. the Hunger Games is great! I still think Peeta should have been cast differently but what can you do!).

As we reach the photo shoot day a lot of things in the past 3 weeks have derailed me from reaching my goal of losing 22 pounds:

1. My husband moving to Toronto, that was a big one. It has been incredibly stressful and while I have been trying to keep it careertogether, the truth is I have been struggling. However, I am starting to feel a lot better about everything and feeling hopeful. And for the record, I am incredibly proud of DT. We all have dreams in our lives and only a very select few ever actually get to live them and he absolutely is — hard work, determination, talent, and a great attitude all lead him to reach his ultimate goal. I could learn a thing or two from him!

And 2. I got crazy sick. Even though I got the flu shot this year I did manage to get sick. I think because I got so stressed out (see point #1 as the reason) my immune system just gave up. So, while I have been getting in my weekly work-outs there have been no extras but I have been eating so clean it is ridiculous! I am going to get some drugs from the doc this week to clear up my lungs and then I will be back to full strength!

Here is what I know about the last 11 weeks – I have seriously kicked ass, made  changes in my physique, my mind and my diet. I would be lying if I didn’t worry that once the photo shoot is over that all my hard work will go to hell but I am focused on getting stronger — I see you chin up bar, I want to meet you!

Here are some good things from the past 10 days:

1. A butt tonne of people came out to say “til the next time” to my DT which meant the world to me.

2. I slipped into 2 pairs of pants I haven’t worn in years! Oh black velvet pants I bought in New York, I love you again!

3. My house has never been cleaner! Moving and purging is liberating!

4. My amazing niece emailed me to asked me to go see S Club7 with her in England – you should know, my niece and nephew are my kryptonite and I will do anything including going to see S Club7. See you in England, May 15th, 2015!

and 5. All my photo shoot clothes have arrived (online shopping rules) and they all fit! KABOOM!

The next week should prove to be hellish as it is the final push to lose major lbs but I will have Winnipeg Blue Bomber God, Milt Stegall’s voice in my head all week. I had the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 interview with the football legend sweatlast week and when I asked him if he was still hitting the gym hard he replied “Beastmode is my warm up”! For the next 9 days beastmode will be my warm up, beastmode XXL for the rest! Watch out, here I come!

Thank you so much for all your kind words and support through this journey – I love ya!

Be good my friends!



Warning! This post is full of vanity, humility and exhaustion.



On Sunday’s I usually hit up Goodlife gym and go to a spin class but this day I also did some weights because I wanted to go full hardcore gym rat — and that is when I became “that girl” or as some people might say “a complete and utter douche bag!” for the record I am those “some people”. I was feeling super good and it was during this moment that I was overcome with vanity and yes….yes, I took a pic of myself at the GYM! I promise you here and now I will NEVER do it again. Enjoy this pic for all it’s douchey-ness! y douchebag gym selfe!


I got up early today to cover the morning weather/traffic shift at work. It was as always super fun and I got to wear my new bracelet which I love, love, love! It is from Monday night I checked in for a work-out at Aspire and it was tough but Jason always make it fun so you hardly notice that you wanna puke! For the record, I puked after my work-out on Saturday .

You can get one to from

You can get one to from


What a bizarre news day!

For those who don’t live in sleepy ol’ Winnipeg, Manitoba the police announced at their morning meeting that they had discovered “deceased infants” (3-4 babies) in a storage locker and they had a person of interest in custody. This instantly became international news and my work day imploded — I have never written so many emails in my life. To manage the stress of the day I finally broke down and sipped on a pumpkin spice skinny steamer with my girlfriends!

A delicious cliche

A delicious cliche

Tuesday night we learned all about the photo shoot at the end of P2P — on the photo shoot day will start at noon at Puressence salon to get our hair and make-up done and then off to the Kelly Morton’s studio for the actual photo shoot. We learned about how our diet will change the last 2 weeks leading up to the shoot and I have to admit it has intimidated the crap out of me. Previous P2P’ers have also whitened their teeth and spray tanned prior to the shoot, I will for sure do the spray tan part. But most importantly, as soon as the photo session is over we will eat…eat like queens and I can’t wait! I have been desperate for a cinnamon bun for weeks and weeks!

But by the end of the day going to learn about spray tanning, hairstyles, posing and pure vanity, it was really hard for me to focus because I was thinking about the horror of the day and the upcoming election…


It had been weeks/months in the making – election day! None of us however thought that come election day it would be almost irrelevant. Here is why:

So, those 3-4 babies — ya, it was now 6 babies and a 40 year old woman was now in custody. Then later Wednesday morning an armed gunman shot and killed a solider in Ottawa (our nations capital) and stormed our parliament building! It was so completely shocking and I felt as if our world had stopped. Then the nail-biter election turned into a landslide and a new mayor was elected — pretty anticlimactic. Congrats new Mayor Brian Bowman.


I ended up working late and then to salvage the day I ended up going to a late movie — St. Vincent, starring Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Jaeden Lieberher. Hear me now, Bill Murray will be up for an Oscar for his performance in this film! I cried, laughed and was left wondering if I could watch it again immediately.


Work, gym, halloween movie party! We watched The Conjuring and it was terrifying! Did you know it is a true story! Sweet Jesus!


It was a day of puttering and shopping! I first hit up MAC and traded in my 12 empty make-up containers for 2 free lipsticks! Because they were free I went kind of cra-cra!

On the left - Bombshell On the right - Rebel

On the left – Bombshell
On the right – Rebel

Then I hit up Target because they had sent me a 10% off coupon for the weekend and that is where I found my new leather winter gloves (the fur is faux) for $24. Now that they are home they really do look like they belong to Mrs. Claus but I don’t care  and they were within my $40 glove budget.

They kind of scream ho ho ho! Merry Christmas but oh well!

They kind of scream ho ho ho! Merry Christmas but oh well!

And my final note about the week that was…I tried this new recipe for Honey Dijon potatoes and they really knocked my moccasins off! They meet the Fiona standard – cheap, easy, healthy, tasty – Give it a try

Be good my friends!


Inner demons rear their ugly head!


It’s been a rough 24 hours. I am not going to lie, I have cried more times than I want to admit!

I have a headache/sore throat and my every thought is consumed with “When will I eat?” “What will I eat?” “Where can I get food?” “When can I work-out” and “damn it, I didn’t get my homework work-outs done”.  I am trying to block out all the chatter in my head and replace it with “you did better than yesterday” “you can only do what you can do” “If change was easy everyone would do it and you are NOT everyone else!” “you are a beast – get it done!” and then very loudly ” I AM NO QUITTER”!

To make matters worse, my husband taped the season opener of the Biggest Loser and low and behold this year is all about former athletes who have gained weight post-sport. I was immediately hooked –and that is when brain went to a dark place. I was glued to the screen, crying my ugliest of cries while replaying my very own highlight reel in my head – being reminded of being in peak physical shape, nightmares of over training, thinking about all of the huge sacrifices made by myself/my family, memories of the horrible decisions I made which impacted my focus, feeling proud of my past accomplishments and in the end questioning my decision to walk away from it all.

Why did I stop sport? After having my face re-built twice, breaking both my feet/right ankle, both wrists, 9 out of 10 fingers, 2 concussions + losing my memory for 6 months I figured I should do myself a favour and simply “retire”. So, retirement meant finding something new to obsess over and that became work. I used to work 4 jobs, I would squeak in the odd work-out but it was low on my list and then one day I woke up to find that my size 6 jeans were a distant memory and 12’s were the new staple. WHAT IN SWEET HELL? How did that happen?!





Ok, so I no longer have six pack abs or muscular legs, many wonderful things have happened for me since sport. 1) I met my husband 2) I entered a new family- the broadcasting family,
we are weird, tight knit group and we speak a language full of bizarre abbreviations and 3) a love/passion for cooking.

So here comes my big internal battle – how do I blend my past obsessive life of fitness/sport and present more relaxed life into beautiful harmony? The husband stays – he is much to handsome, smart and awesome to get rid of!

Suggestions welcome!