Not what Orange Theory expected!


The other day the good folks at Orange Theory fitness asked us all to write a “bucket list” item on a sticky note and place it on the board for all to see. I am almost certain they wanted us to write stuff like “fit in my wedding dress again” or “wear my old college jeans” but those are not anywhere on my bucket list.


I made this bad boy! Thanks Orange Theory!

Once they handed me my square of paper what I wrote next was a no-brainer! I have always wanted to make a vinatarta cake! This is a very special cake to me. As a kid it was the very first cake I ever ate a wedding, Lynn and Larry Henry’s wedding to be exact. I remember it so clearly and how we got a little piece to take home to slip under our pillows (it was wrapped in cling film) with the promise  you would dream of your future husband/wife. I am not sure if mine ever made under the pillow because it tasted so damn good. I always thought I would have vinatarta at our wedding but didn’t, perhaps for our 25th anniversary.

For years I have built up in my head that making this cake would be impossible and that you needed special tools imported from Iceland to make it properly. Today I said “To hell with it Odlum, today you make this cake!” After a little Pinterest search I discovered no special tools are required, just a lot of patience! Here is the recipe I used – Vinatarta Cake!

Long story short, tackling the “unbakeable cake” or breaking an 8 minute mile or all that other stuff you think you can’t do…it’s all a joke because you can! Plus, your house will smell amazing afterwards #Almond Extract!


If you have 1 hr and 5 minutes then check out Patton Oswalt’s new comedy special “Talking for Clapping” on Netflix! It’s funny, timely and his bit about “My Pretty Pony” is hilarious!




Jumping Jack Push Ups are BAD ASS! I know they sound terrible but hot damn they are effective for an end of work out burn out exercise! Start with 6 and add 2 every time. We did these at the gym today and I can already feel them in my shoulders.

I tried out a power lifting gym this week and it was cool but I wasn’t sore at all afterwards. I will give 2 more tries before I make a decision.


I think I covered off food above 🙂

But taking suggestions on what should be my next baking challenge…macaroons? Floating island? Baked Alaska?


jacketI am so happy that for fall jean jackets are still in and so are these green safari-style jackets! They literally go with everything and yes, I am dreaming of fall. The weather here has been unbearably hot for the past 2 weeks and I miss cozy sweaters and my sweet, sweet sweatpants.

On my shopping wish list: black ripped jeans and the perfect loose fitting camel coloured t-shirt.




Be Great!


cake funny




The question that nearly knocked me on my butt!


It all started with a simple visit to the shoe department at Sport Check, I needed new runners (Asics as always) and the young man helping me said “how long have you been running?” which made me hit the brakes and think about it..3+17+11+6….”27 years” I replied!


While I don’t plan on running partially nude anytime soon I so admire her ability to run without an industrial sports bra! #ClassicAtalanta

SWEET GODDESS OF RUNNING ATALANTA! How is this possible?? I started running cross country when I lived in Fishguard, Wales when I was 15 years old and then fast forward to today that makes it 27 years! Other than making chocolate chip cookies and obsessing over Saturday Night Live I really don’t think I have done anything else that long. Have you?

Running has always been my outlet to cure whatever ails me but there was a time when doctors said it was off the table forever. 4

Running with Corinne, Tammy, in winter and forever!

Running with Corinne, Tammy, in winter and forever!

years ago I developed a rare liver condition which resulted in the valves in liver to stop working, my liver would swell to twice it’s size, push my ribs out and put pressure on my heart and lungs. It was painful and exercise was out of the question with running being the worst (it would put my liver into seizure which meant sedation at the hospital). During the year long wait for surgery, then recovery and then post-op life running still was off the table but with lots of rehab and altering my running form (I now run slightly hunched over which somehow cradles my liver) I am happy to say that running is back into my weekly routine which makes me DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY! Cheers to 27 more years of running…you hear that knees, 27 more years please!!!


To honour my 27th run-aversary I bought these AMAZING tights Jordyn_P_Cherry_grandefrom Home Run Sports

They are new to Winnipeg, Canadian made and crazy comfy! The sizes run big so you will go down a couple (I love that!).


I am loving pureed cauliflower these days but I will warn you, running with 4 days worth of cauliflower in your colon is the best way to have your fastest run time ever!! TOOIIIILLLLEEETT!!!!!!

Try this super yummy banana chocolate chip paleo muffin many almonds!!


I am obsessed with the app “Sky Guide”. You hold up your phone to the sky and it shows you all the constellations, their names, planets and it is set to some sweet soothing music. It’s like being at the Planetarium right in your own backyard for only $1.99


If you wanna be inspired and find fun places to do sit-ups around Winnipeg then you must follow Lindsay Somers on Twitter (@lindsaysomers). She has been going around town and filming herself doing all sorts of different abdominal exercises in front of recognizable places and I LOVE IT! Get inspired with Lindsay!

Have a great week my friends!

Be good!



Here they are! My P2P round 2 photos are in!


My goals for “Push ups to pin ups” round 2 were simple, push the limits and get super strong, reduce the cellulite on the tops of my thighs and biceps and fall deeper in love with the process. Check, check and check!

I truly loved every second (minus the last 2 days pre-shoot) of this journey. Round 2 was so different than the first time. I trusted my body more, I believed in the process more, I met and made new friends and it challenged me when I absolutely felt my lowest. I was so committed to the 12 weeks that while I was working 15, 16, 17 hour days at FIFA I would still came home and work out because I wanted change more than I wanted sleep. I did box jumps and lunges in my backyard in the middle of the night with a stupid grin on my face, I loved it! And it paid off, I am down 35+ pounds and I now run 12k in 55 minutes!

And here is the other fact, Jason, Jeff and Erica (the owner/ trainers at Aspire) have taken me in as one other own when I without a doubt needed it the most. To say the last 8 months have been personally challenging would be an understatement, it has been one poo-emoji sandwich after another and every time they picked me up, dusted me off and said “see you again tomorrow” which was incredibly powerful to my soul. They have been my angels dressed in dry-fit and hoodies, I call them my #FitFam.

Anyway, you don’t want to hear all my life nonsense, you want the pics! Once again a big thanks to photographer Kelly Morton, hair and make-up from the team at Essentique Spa Salon, the cotton candy kiosk at the Forks and a big thanks to the “just a hint” of liquid courage (Mmmm Kraken rum!).

Deep breath….be kind with your comments, I am feeling vulnerable here.

Fiona and Jason candy

Jason Penner, Owner of Aspire Fitness and all around great guy!

P2P Round 2 Bent over row black and white bench black and white bent over row close up black and white close up white shirt Fiona and Jason candy 2 Fiona headshot 2 Fiona headshot Fiona side 2 fiona side profile tossled hair white shirt glassesBe good my friends


3 months

How to survive FIFA Women’s World Cup and/or a zombie apocolypse!


The FIFA experience is almost over, next week myself and 2 friends will be heading to Vancouver to watch the finals and we  can’t wait.

Overall, it was an incredible ride with lots of twists, turns, highs and lows but at the end of the day I feel tremendous pride of what we accomplished and how we showcased our city. Winnipeg, you done good girl!

Some of the memories I will take away with me are; meeting all the dads who came out with their daughters to encourage their passion for sport, working so hard I for the first time in my life blacked out, didn’t recognize one of my closest friends and had “stress pukes” (it’s a real thing, who knew?), meeting and spending time with 24 of the best volunteers was incredible (kind, hard working, honest, determined and totally genuine people), and finally, watching my male sport dominate city embrace and support women in sport ~ it was a beautiful thing!

Here are the things that helped me survive 21 days of the hardest work of my life, this was my survival kit:

1) Wet ones! You cannot leave home without them because Wet oneswhen you are marching across a soccer pitch in 28+ degree weather in a navy blue power pant suit, you will need a little wipe down to stay fresh (Terrance Howard is no fool).

2) Snacks, it’s all about the food! I tried really, really hard to stay on track with my P2P (Push-up to Pin-ups) goals but around day 18 everything went to hell but I have rebounded. I survived on a) sugar snap peas b) rotisserie chicken and kale salad from Sobeys c) an obscene amount of roasted Brussels sprouts d) cauliflower rice e) homemade meatballs and CAFFEINE – Lord Jesus, I drank caffeine all day!!!

God's sweet nectar!

God’s sweet nectar!

3) Songza. After a couple grueling days I reminded myself I need to set the tone of the day and not the hundreds of voices asking me a million questions. So, I would go in a little earlier each day, sit at my desk and pop on Songza, to be exact “Wake Up Smiling, Oldies Morning”. It worked like a charm every day!Songza

4) Downy Infusions. When you are wearing the same clothes for Infusions16-18 hours a day you need them to smell good all day. Downy Infusions is your best defense plus the smell is hypnotic (Derek stop rolling your eyes, it’s an addiction – I know!).

5) One great husband. Oh man, I am a

Lawn mowing #selfie

Lawn mowing #selfie

lucky gal! Without Mr. Derek Taylor I would  NEVER have made it through this experience. He kept the house clean, he walked the dogs, he rubbed my feet, he held my hand as I fell asleep, he entertained our house renters (who ps. were totally amazing!!!), he mowed the lawn and he was patient ~ boy, was he patient!

6) GREAT friends! As always my friends supported me, encouraged me, kicked me straight in the butt when it needed to be kicked and reminded me how they have truly impacted my life more than they will ever know. Plus, I think I may now have converted a couple of them into hardcore soccer fans.

7) My Tim Horn. He was my right-hand man through out the Mr. Tim Hornentire ride and as far as co-pilots go, T-bone is right up there. He is kind, sweet, keen and looks great in a pair of Doc Martins.

So, if you find yourself taking on FIFA or a zombie apocalypse which I think would be on par to what I just went through, all you need to do is arm yourself with some great friends, awesome tunes, food and wet naps and you are set!

Be good my friends!


Alex Morgan

Ask me those 6 questions again – I have new answers!


Lots of big news to report this week!

For the past 2 weeks I have been filling in on the morning show with Frankie Hollywood at Energy 106. It is completely different from anything I have ever done before and it has been a lot ofEnergy106fm fun. The staff are super nice, the music keeps you moving and I can’t complain about the 6 minute drive to the station! I am very grateful to Adam West for giving me the opportunity and damn, that guy is hilarious! He has achieved the Fiona Odlum stamp of approval “Good Egg Status” -it’s basically like winning an Oscar. I will be there for one more week and then I am off to Investors Group Field! Why you say?

Opportunity has come a knocking and to quote my dear friend Tom Milroy “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you can’t say no” and fifa-womens-world-cup-2015he is absolutely right. So, starting mid-April I will be the new Communications Coordinator working with the Canadian Soccer Association as they host the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 here in Winnipeg and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It is a new endeavor and the event is going to take Winnipeg by storm! Seriously, when does Women’s sport at this level EVER get played in our home town? These women are amazing athletes, great community leaders and fantastic role models – if you wanna feel inspired, you gotta see them play!!! Yes, it’s true I am a soccer freak and I have played it for many years so I am slightly biased but honestly you will have goose bumps watching these women play!

I will also be filling in again for a couple shifts back on the Wheeler morning show as Jenna Khan is going on holiday later this month. I’ll keep you posted on the dates.

But that’s not it. Derek and I agree, when the World Cup is over it will be the perfect time to make the move out to Toronto. So in saying that, the realtor has been contacted, the house is getting listed in 2 weeks and I will be making the pilgrimage with the pups in tow (people keep asking me if I am taking the dogs with me and they clearly are off their meds because I would sooner die than re-home the loves of my life. No seriously that is beyond dumb, don’t speak to me!) and the move will happen at the beginning of July.pups and me

Having a moving date has given me structure, peace of mind and anxiety! If I was the Manitoba Flood Forecaster I would start planning on sandbagging the Red and the Assiniboine rivers because my tears will be of epic proportions. Sorry Hoop & Holler, you are getting flooded out!

So there it is, a new adventure is starting and the move is on. Now, I’m going to put on my lip gloss and pretend that I am totally psyched about it. I am also going to get as many work-outs in as I can at Aspire before I leave, best stress reliever ever…speaking of which, the squat rack is calling my name. Have a wonderful Easter weekend and be good my friends!


betty white

I’m back….for one week!


Oh the stories I have to share with you…I was asked to do some fill-in work next week on Wheeler in the Morning on City, Drew is taking a much deserved holiday so I will be hanging out with Jenna out on remote for the entire week! I am really looking forward to it and the segments we have lined up will be super fun – um hello, we are making BEER! I will be going to the speedway, something fun with dogs, I also want to sneak in a bakery or 2 (Sleepy Owl and Chew’s new bakery I am looking at you!) and a whole bunch of stuff. If you have any ideas I am all ears!

Last week, I was out in Toronto which was supposed to be strictly for funsies but I ended up having a couple meetings with

DT and I hanging out by Lake Ontario!

DT and I hanging out by Lake Ontario!

potential employers. I gotta say, everyone I have met out there has been lovely, I mean I would of course love them more if they said “You’re hired!” but either way it’s been a pretty positive experience. I should also say, if the right opportunity came along in Winnipeg, Regina, Vancouver but never you Lethbridge (you know what you did) I would be on the move, Derek and I agree we can weather any storm.

But today I got the most amazing surprise! There I was sitting on my couch chatting with DT on the phone and I see the mailman walk up with a parcel wrapped in the tell-tell Zulily wrapping and I

I am truly blessed to have friends who care and send me surprise sweaters!

I am truly blessed to have friends who care and send me surprise sweaters!

said “I didn’t order anything?”, I open it and see the sweater I was drooling over and posted right her on my blog. I asked DT “Did you send me this?” and he paused and said “No, but I know who did!” and he told me it was from his longtime school chum Bridget. Bridget and I met years ago and have chatted over the years via FB so to get this parcel seriously knocked me on my ass! I left her a hysterical voice mail of me crying and thanking her for the amazing surprise, I can’t wait til we talk and I will try to keep my emotions in check!!!! Seriously, how insanely thoughtful!!! And now I am crying again……thank you Bridget!

Ok, I have composed myself! Lately, I have been trying really hard to ween myself off of potatoes which isn’t considered paleo and switch to sweet potato full time. So far so good, sweet potatoes do cook faster so that is good and they do caramelize nicely which is an added bonus but they just don’t taste great as fries. I am a big fan of anything I can call little packages so this recipe covers all the bases….wrapped in foil, chicken and sweet potato, you can’t lose!

I have been tempting fate a little bit lately and trying to do more oblique work – so far my body hasn’t completely rejected me. For those of you who don’t know, I have troubles with my liver and

Side wall crunch is super effective and totally can be done watching tv.

Side wall crunch is super effective and totally can be done watching tv.

sometimes it swells up because fluid get trapped

Carrie Underwood CALIA brand tights available at Dick's sporting goods

Carrie Underwood CALIA brand tights available at Dick’s sporting goods

inside. It is very painful at times and I have had surgery to resolve some of the issues but before you send me any smoothie recipes or cleanses or pills none of that will work, it is a genetic, 1 in a 1,000,000 abnormality, you can’t fix me.

Also fitness related, did you know that Carrie Underwood has her own line of work-out gear? It’s called CALIA and I bought these tights and I FREAKING LOVE THEM!

Finally, in other news I watching the flicks The Kingsmen and Run all night, if you have $12 to burn spend it on Run all night – I know you are saying “But Fiona, isn’t it just Taken 4?” and I will say “No”. Liam Neeson is vulnerable, believable and who ever played his son in the movie is really good! Go check it out!

Be good my friends.


Day 2 – Who me, a pin-up?


Ok, so here is the deal, I won’t be posting everyday but I might, who knows. No, seriously I have no idea what I am doing here!

Anyway, it’s late and I am already starting to ramble…here is what happened today:

Got up, went to work, left work early (prearranged, I didn’t just skip out), went to the gym where I did my second P2P work-out and that is when it hit me…I am no pin-up! I am a guys girl, I am the one who tells really gross fart jokes (ya, my mom raised a classy lady over here), what the hell am I doing being anywhere near something girly? The gym is covered with beautiful photos of past P2P participants where 80% of them have pretty much zero on, while others are very modestly dressed. Either way the entire process is designed to have you thinking with one goal in mind – the photo shoot!

I am not those women and while yes their photos are seriously works of art, I can’t visualize myself up on the “wall of incredible achievement”! I want to be there but more importantly I want the picture to really reflect who I am. Jason (owner of Aspire) had suggested I do my pictures with my dogs and while yes they probably will squeak in there somehow I really want my picture to reflect the person I lost a long, long time ago…Fiona, the athlete. That doesn’t mean I will posing in a Jets jersey, I want to wear a tank top and have defined arms, a defined waist (I don’t need abs to feel like I succeeded) and damn it, I want smaller boobs (sorry ladies and gents but I do).

football 3

Coach Brian Dobie and me

This feeling and break through happened because part of my job today was to go and interview the head coach of the Bison football team, Brian Dobie. A 100 moons ago I was a Bison athlete and it was a great time in my life, I was strong, healthy and I made a bunch of life long friends. Being surrounded by that same energy today was exactly what I needed to find my focus and inspiration. Thank work!

So to celebrate my new found focus, I splurged and bought locally grown organic strawberries from Cramptons and munched on them while watching Big Brother which was kind of a let down tonight but who cares – fresh strawberries baby and here’s to being an athlete (again)!

football 2strawberries