Channeling my inner Adell!


This week has been all sorts of fun – it started with the Country Music Awards of Ontario at the Flato theatre in Markham. It was a super cool night, good music and interesting people. what I wasn’t expecting was a lack of cowboy hats and people complaining they had run out of wine glasses and had to drink beer…YOU ARE COWBOYS!

graffitiThen on Wednesday we had friends in from Canmore – Cam and Karina (also important to remember for later)! We went to Gusto 101 for supper and Sweet Jesus for dessert. I got to dinner a little early and was able to wander around “graffiti alley” which is essentially an instagramer’s wet dream!

Then we on Thursday we went to the Balmy Beach Canoe club and had a lesson in kayaking – we were certain we were going to be pros but didn’t realize it was “competition style” kayaks and not Canadian Tire specials. We both capsized into pretty gross, goose poop filled water but n the flip-side met some truly awesome people.

Then on Friday…stay with me..I am getting to Adell…we met up with friends from Winnipeg for supper at Pizzeria Libertto and then went to Roselle‘s for dessert! It was so great seeing our friends even if it was only for a couple hours, it’s nice being around people who just get you.

So, Adell…this week I had some personal high’s and low’s and we all have that friend who is always ready to get into trouble with you, fires you up, who agrees with you  whenDelly you say “that bitch was crazy right” and makes the most mundane things so much better like the 45 minute car ride home every day! Well that is my Adell – and what she doesn’t know is this week when I wasn’t really channeling my warrior spirit, I would say under my breath “Get your shit together and channel your inner Adell” and just like that I jumped into a limo instead of taking my car to the CMAO’s, laughed off falling in the water and most of all didn’t cry when I saw my friends. Thank you my sweet Adell –my much braver,  funnier, kinder person than I will ever  be and on top of it all, with the superior rack, I couldn’t ask for a better friend/doppelganger/secret motivator!


My friend Susan (pictured above also cradling Adell’s bosom) told me recently that I had slipped into isolation madness for what I am about to say but I stand by it…Call me Fitz is a funny Canadian show that didn’t get it’s day! It’s true, I am biased because I worked with one of the cast members (Huse Madhavji back in the A-Channel days) but Jason Priestly is very funny in the series and it’s quirky — the complete series can be found on CraveTV


My fitness has hit a bit of road block these days – so I am struggling to find something to write here — I have been plagued with aches and pains and a fickle lower back. I have been trying to foam roll every night (ok, every other night) but it’s not working. I am finally going to go to the doctor tomorrow where I fully expect them to say I have gout — well, that is what Derek and Dr. Wikipedia say is wrong with me. TBDmilk



When waiting in the epic line at Sweet Jesus with Cam and Karina, Karina told me that she makes her own almond milk – at first I thought “who has time for that?” and “that is some next level hipster nonsense” ….so ya, I did it and it is AMAZING!!! It is a little bit of work but the end product is better than store bought and it tastes like melted vanilla ice cream! Do it, do it now and tell your friends!


Summer has officially hit the T-dot and my little production booth at work is essentially a hot-box and I sweat constantly. It is super unattractive and I am severely stressing about August and under-boob sweat –besides back pain, under-boob sweat is the leading reason why I would get a boob job. So, I am in search of the perfect professional tank/sleeveless top. Any suggestions?

In the meantime, I am opting for skirts to try and minimize butt sweat — I am not joking when I say it is hot in that unventilated room with direct sun!

I bought this skirt from Joe Fresh at $24 it’s a steal, and this skirt from Mountain Equipment Co-op (yup MEC), it was pricey at $59 but it is so crazy soft and made of organic cotton. Plus, I plan on buying some Birkenstock sandals this summer to fully revert back to my 90’s ways.


Be Great!




A very unexpected Toronto problem!


People usually describe Toronto in the following ways: crazy amounts of traffic, Drake, the Raptors and a concrete jungle.Well, 3 out 4 of those things are absolutely correct! I never in my wildest dreams ever thought my biggest problem this weekend would have been getting all of the sand out of my house and deciding which nature hike would best suit my mood!

Lake Ontario is literally seconds from our house and my entire commute to work parallelsIMG_3658 the water making for mindless moments sitting at red lights. Then there is the intense hiking trails I seem to be finding everywhere which is both killing my quads (these prairie legs are not made for all of these hills) and they are turning our more than happy hiking pups into catatonic, snoring piles of mush every night, it is glorious!

This week we are going to be taking our Toronto outdoorsy adventures to the next level and have signed up for (free) kayaking lessons and I have have even enrolled in stand up paddle board lessons for the month of July -and it’s all right in the city! BANANAS!!

Trust me, the concrete jungle is still very much a Toronto thing if you want it to be but finding all of these super great spaces as been a massive/awesome surprise.



A good use of your movie watching dollars this week is the “The Nice Guys” with Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe. It’s predictable, at times campy but over all, a good night out.

If you hit a rough patch this week and the person in the cube next to you is being a real work-whale then I recommend watching this video on repeat, it makes me stupid happy.


Ok,let’s talk about boobs! Derek found this the other day and it has got us wondering – would it work? Breast Compression? The Booband…would you or wouldn’t you? Please message me!

Either way, right now my fave at home exercise is what I call a 4-point plank…get in plank position then your right hand touches your left shoulder and then down, your left hand touches your right shoulder then down, then your right hand reaches back and touches your left foot…etc…etc…you get it! You do that for a minute and KA-BOOM!


This is my easiest/yummiest quick snack which I love, I call it “Banana Bliss”!IMG_3866

1 banana chopped up

2 tablespoon coconut milk

1/8 cup pecans and 1/8 shredded coconut toasted in a pan on the stove (takes only moments and totally worth it but you could also opt out of this step and throw them on cold)

a sprinkle of cinnamon


When I worked at CTV Winnipeg I worked with a gal named Michelle Gerwing. You know bootiethat moment when you meet someone and you are like “Oh hell ya, we are going to be friends”, that is Michelle and me. It got really weird there for while too because we would often come to work wearing the exact same outfit, and we would laugh and throw our Daisy Fuentes hair weaves back and laugh and laugh some more.

But the entire time we worked together Michelle wore a pair of shoes I so desperately wanted…I finally bought them this week and Michelle you were right, they are fantastic. I present to you the Steve Madden open-toe bootie!


Be Great!





The light, is that you?


It has been a longtime coming but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have finally put our house up for sale and I am starting to feel settled in our new digs – I knew I was starting to get a handle on things when the other day when I was stuck in traffic and I actually ventured off the very safe main road routes and successfully found a side road! Ya that happened!! I know, it’s not really a big deal but it kind of is.

We went home to Winnipeg last week and it was so great seeing all my friends, feeling completely loved and the sound of silence was like tiny little unicorn kisses all over my ears!

Big Red (my car) still isn’t great but she will go into the shop next week and perhaps we can fix her up so she will last just a couple months longer!

Let me give you a tiny recap of our incredible trip to Grand Cayman – it was FANTASTIC! IMG_3361The water, the island and the people, the food were all really great! We stayed with our cousins and had just the best time.


Farewell Cayman, see you soon!

One thing I still cannot process is how the island doesn’t have a recycling program and how the residential areas were littered with garbage – it’s beautiful island which needs to protected! Overall, we would 1,000,000% go back in a heartbeat!



Kim and Brad best hosts ever!


We love Super Jon!



This is my favourite time of year when it comes to music because everyone is releasing what they hope will be the hit song of summer 2016. If I had to guess this song has a shot, it makes me dance, happy and well…it made my hands clap! You will remember Fitz and The Tantrums from their song “The Walker”. Take a listen to “HandClap”


Well it’s official, I have spring fever so that means I want to work out 24/7 – so this week I tried Orange Theory and let me tell ya, it was HARD!! Like heart racing, puke bubbling, sweating through your underwear hard! Do it, try it, love it! I am not going to bore you with all the details of the one hour class, just know, wear light weight clothing and get ready to walk/run/row/lift your way to a sweaty finish!


A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon a super hipster butcher who specializes in artisan sausages …I warned you, it’s mega hipster so of course I LOVE IT! He makes sausages infused with fennel and champagne and other exotic mixtures, but the one that blew me away was a grass-fed pork sausage with piri-piri…MAMA-MIA where have you been my whole life. I will be putting piri-piri on everything!


shoeI am obsessed with Oxfords and Loafers right now – like, OBSESSED!! Super comfy, practical and stylish! I spent all my “extra” cash last month on these bad boys from Aldo and have not regretted it for one second! I wear them with ankle length capri pants and jeans!

On a side note: it would appear every store this spring season is carrying something in a beautiful crisp white – I so desperately want to partake but 2 naughty border collies with muddy paws have other fashion plans for me this spring!

Be Great!














I have gained the “Freshmen 15”


Getting to know a new city means a lot of things: learning the street names, meeting new people,  trying to find a new hairdresser (the hunt continues –  I went to Fiorio’s and for what I got it was way too expensive) and it also means trying all the different food…the glorious non-paleo, stomach churning, pant tightening FOOD!

In a city like Toronto which is so ethnically diverse it is literally a foodie’s paradise and my waist line is paying for it! I have been making “Adventure Lists” every week and it always includes at least one visit to a new-to-me restaurant/bakery that I usually find on Instagram. This week I tried a smorgasbord of  ciders made in Toronto, of which there are plenty and I stuffed my face until I got sick at the “Rolling Pin” with their over-the-top donuts. I regretted it almost immediately as I suffered body aches and a pounding headache within minutes of eating them – oh gluten, why do you hate me so?! But they were so beautiful and smelled like heaven so, it was almost worth it!

But hear my now – my “Adventure Lists” are getting revamped to healthier options but only after I get one of these totally amazing looking cheesecakes from Uncle Tetsu – I think they would be ‘Golden Girls’ approved!golden-girls-kitchen


pee weeMy girlfriend Candida is always recommending movies I need to see and this weekend she threw me a curve ball with “Pee Wee’s Big Holiday”! Candida nor Pee Wee disappointed me!

It was fun, campy, sexy (thanks Joe Maganiello) and authentic to classic Pee Wee Herman movies! It’s not going to win any awards but with a 79% juicy tomato on Rotten Tomatoes, I would say it was definitely an hour and 29 minutes well spent!

We also watched “Sisters” this weekend which I was certain was going to be a total pile of hot garbage but Mama Mia, I was wrong. It is stupid, predictable and totally hilarious! Many usable one-liners and it’s a good movie for the over 40 crowd, completely relatable(ish)!


The more things change the more things stay exactly the same  – In Winnipeg I lived within running distance of Assiniboine Park/Zoo and now in Toronto I live withing running distance of the Toronto Zoo. Winnipeg was further but TO has something called HILLS?? It sounds and feels like hell but they keep saying it is pronounced “hills”. Because running is cheap and in my case solitary (no running partner yet but I am working on it) I have been doing it a lot more and my legs hate me…I would be lost with out my foam roller, they are cheap and a lifesaver! To quote ‘The Weeknd’ “The hills have eyes” to which I say good because I am giving you the finger mo-fo’s!


One thing I have absolutely fallen in love with since moving is Biosteel protein powder. I have tried so many kinds of whey (never soy) protein powders and wasted so much money. Either they taste synthetic, artificial or chalky. I have been adding it in almost every day and I really feel as if my insulin levels have balanced out and I feel full longer. I mix one scoop of vanilla with a handful of frozen pineapple, strawberries and almond milk and it tastes like a banana split!


I am obsessed with these high-neck trapeze tops from Old Navy (and pretty much every store these days). I wear them with tapered cropped pants, flats and a jean jacket! BOOM business casual!  Question: I see in the stores that culottes are making a comeback – what say you? Yay or Nay?

Be great!



Cracks in the foundation – return to Sociology class


I have been deliberately not writing my blog in fear of just writing about how incredibly sad I feel 24/7 and getting placed on a psych hold or worse, writing about how my life is super-awesome which would be a lie.

Here is the deal, I have cried almost every day for the past 3 months – change is hard and new is exhausting. It’s not that Toronto is the worst place on earth, far from it, it’s just I have been bogged down with guilt over leaving Manitoba, consumed by a death in the family coupled with major family stresses and then I got injured (dislocated my hand and put my back out)…it hasn’t been great.

So, how do I rally back? Thanks to a sociology class I took in 1992 at the University of Manitoba I have all the tools I need to re-group – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to the rescue! When times have gotten tough in the past  I have always returned to this pyramid to find me.


Here’s how it works – you make a list of the actual basic priorities you need to create balance in your life, you start with the base (the biggest part of the pyramid) and start building up. My basic needs are: good sleep, healthy food, working out, prayer and friendship. Once those are in place I add in adventure, sex and creativity (They are all exclusive of each other, easy does it you perverts! LOL) and so on. Then hopefully confidence and inner potential will return (I miss you old friend). None of this happens over night but it will work – here comes strict bed times, good nosh and consistent workouts, then phase 2.

Just a note to anyone who I may have lost at “prayer” -if you are a none believer that is totally cool – just try, just once, laying in bed and thinking about all the things your are thankful for – no amen necessary! It feels good to think of good things before you sleep.

On to other business!


I went Axe throwing today and it was super BAD ASS! It was harder than I thought it would be and actually a good core work-out because while you are laughing your butt off! Ok, I will admit I was a little jacked up because they had ACDC on blast and you know that fires me up!


Apparently the new super food trend to watch for is “Lucuma”. It is a fruit from Peru which looks like if a mango and an avocado had a baby.  I bought it in powder form from pulpa-de-lucumaBulk Barn ($13) and it has a very caramel-like flavour. You can use it as a sweetener in smoothies, baking and to make ice creams.  It has a super low glycemic index so insulin spikes won’t be a concern. I liked it, didn’t love it, haven’t given up on it yet.


I have been working out at home a lot lately which is fun because I get to play MY music crazy loud but it’s also a little lonely – I can’t wait for spring and daylight lasts past 5pm! But at the moment I am obsessed with the dumbbell squat presses. It gets me super sweaty and works the whole body!

Check out this video for technique:


I am in love with the white blazer with ripped jeans look! The best one I could find was at Le Chawhte blazerteau, it is a bit of budget buster at $139 but it is totally gorgeous!

Oh and as I am heading to the Cayman Islands soon I have become obsessed with rompers! Yes, rompers! It’s all in one and they feel like pajamas! I bought my first one from Old Navy

My search for a Toronto hairdresser specializing in big hair is my task for the week! I need this mane tamed!

Be great!




Layoffs, freelancing and job hunting.


2015 started off with a bang in the form of a severance package! Looking back, getting laid-off on January 6th was really the least of my worries this year.

I was unemployed for exactly 2 months (January and February), picked up  contract work back at the station which laid me off in March, freelanced


Available at Tinyfeast

with Evanov co-hosting the morning show with Frankie Hollywood (March and April), then moved over to FIFA for the Women’s World Cup (April to July) and then transitioned over to CTV (July to present day) and even managed to squeeze in a day of work with Big Brother Canada….needless to say, come tax time things will be interesting!

This year taught me many valuable lessons; networking and being nice to people is key! Always be nice and always say yes to an opportunity because you honestly have no SKclue where it will lead you. I always wanted to work for CTV (OK, I always wanted to be Sylvia Kuzyk #swoon) and I could never get noticed until working for FIFA. If anyone had said “go work your guts out in a hot stadium while wearing a navy blue pant suit and you will get your dream” I would have never believed them! For this, I will always be thankful for FIFA because it gave me such an amazing opportunity which I NEVER saw coming! I have personally learned so much in the past 5 months at CTV that it excites me and as the rest of the world feels as if media is dying, I feel even more passionate about it.

So, what is the moral of this post??? Well, none really because who am I to give out advice but I know a lot of media people right now are struggling with their own lay-off and I 100% feel your pain. As someone who 12 months later is now finally on the other side of it, hear me when I say “You’ve got this and you will be ok!” (repeat as many times as needed until it sticks in your head). You will find out who your real friends are, who has always wanted to work with you, you will become open to new ideas and you will become a fighter! Do NOT give up, say it again “YOU’VE GOT THIS!”

On to other business.


Wanna have fun, get sweaty and pay zero dollars? Then “like” Winnipeg Run Club on Facebook and join in on the fun. I went running with them last week and they are a great group of people who are positive and passionate about being healthy and being good global citizens! They are meeting every Thursday in January at the Pan Am pool and I believe it is free!


That’s me in the pink hat and  jacket hiding behind Yoda!


Thanks to a tweet from Shel Zolkewich, I have fallen in love this food/gift idea from Oat Box. For $25 (taxes included and shipping) they send you a massive, beautifully decorated box with 2 very BIG bags of flavoured oats with an overnight mixing container which is insanely adorable and super on trend. Buy it now and thank me later!

And my latest addiction is Acai puree! Holy moly this stuff is no joke! I picked up the puree at an organic health food store and mixed it with a banana and a 1/4 cup of coconut milk….insert ecstasy style groans here!



Ok…this one is home fashion. For those living in the prairies this is a must have! Matt is a local guy who makes these gorgeous wood creations for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. You can reach Matt only on Instagram at “Huronwoodowork” and a single province will cost you $40!


Be good!



New year, new adventure



Well my darlings, the day has arrived and I am making my way out to Toronto. It has been 13 long months since Derek moved out east and I have been hustling to find work out there to join him. With much perseverance/tears/determination and the support of my former CJOB 680 family (Charles Adler, Geoff Currier and Scott Pettigrew)  I have managed to get a toe in the door with Corus Radio AM 640. I am excited to announce I will be working as the content producer for the Jeff McArthur show, have no fear you can listen online from noon-3pm Winnipeg time…1-4pm Toronto time.

I am pumped to be returning to radio after a 3 hiatus – TV is so overrated (LOL, I love ya TV), this will be fun and I am looking forward to meeting and chatting with the peeps of TO. In the words of radio DJ Kelly Parker “Radio is great, there is no heavy lifting and you get to wear flip-flops!” Jeff’s show is a great mixture of engaging phone-filling content, sports and hard-hitting news and now, more prairie news he ever thought possible!

As for my timelines, here’s how things will play out:

  • My last day working at CTV is Dec. 24th
  • Movers come on Dec 27th
  • I start at Corus January 11th
  • and we are still debating selling or renting out our house in Winnipeg. Any and all feedback on which you think is a better option, let’s hear it!

Trust me when I say (and I am not crapping on my new city) just know Winnipeg will always be in my heart. Leaving this gorgeous, super racist, completely flawed, hockey obsessed, steeped in incredible history and filled with amazing people will always be my home.

It’s time to buy shares in Kleenex, y’all. It’s going to be a soggy Christmas! *Cue uncontrollable crying.

Be good