Yikes! It’s been a year!


I am officially the worst blogger on the internet!

It’s been a full year since I sat down and wrote a single word…so much has happened! I have moved 3 times since last November, ran a triathlon, won tickets to SNL (dream come true), saw a woman in Windsor pull her false teeth out, shove them in her bra and offer people “south of the equator services” in her mini van, got trapped in an elevator for 4o minutes in Regina during a heatwave, floated in two different mineral pools/lakes, gained a butt load of weight (it’s also in my legs and gut to be exact), ate a 2 foot long hotdog (explains the weight gain), finally found a hair conditioner to help my over-styled tv hair and started doing crossfit.

Let’s start with my hair and crossfit, the important stuff!

I have super thick, coarse hair with a natural wave, so over styling it can dry it out and make it brittle. I try to not wash it all the time, usually about every 2nd to 3rd day if I use dry shampoo (ps. I love Batiste and I find the best price at Winners at $7.99/bottle). I have CCMAtried everything to help my thirsty hair. I mashed up avocado and massaged the guacamole on there (It looks super gross when you wash it out it looks like baby puke) and it did nothing, I paid for a “moisture steam treatment” in a fancy Toronto salon with zero change expect I was out 60 bucks, I did get a “Titanium treatment” here in Saskatoon and it did do some good, I bought Olaplex (which almost every TV gal swears by) and it was just ok not worth the price tag, but this weekend I bought the Marc Anthony at home Coconut Oil hair mask at Shoppers for $2.99 and hot damn, it worked! My curls came back right away and my hair feels super soft!

What I did was  – washed my hair, slathered on the mask and then put on a disposable shower cap and let it sit for an hour. I know some folks leave them on all day and then rinse them out but I got tired and wanted to go to bed. After rinsing it out my hair instantly felt great and I smelled like the beach! Give it a whirl! Even if it doesn’t work for your hair type you are only out $2.99!

Now on to crossfit – this is a complicated relationship. I am pretty injured right now, in fact it would be shorter list to type what is going right with my bones and muscles, so it makes working out and lifting heavy a struggle. There are some CF classes where I am


Maybe fewer of these?

pushed to the limit and completely exhausted, but then there are others where I just don’t feel anything because I physically can’t do the WOD (work out of the day). I really enjoy the couple who run the gym and they are supportive of my injuries but I’ve been at it now for 5 months and I have seen zero physical changes plus I am not lifting any heavier. I know a lot of the size part is diet related (all of it is diet related) but I have been really making a huge effort to eat better for the last 3 months. Is it stress? Is it that Crossfit isn’t working for me? Is it my metabolism? Is it working on a morning show and lack of sleep? Maybe I will invest my cash in a fat tire bike, I am desperate to own one! Have you tried one? Was it the best time ever?

Here is some other stuff:

Fun: Watch “Big Mouth” on Netflix if you wanna relive your teenage years and at times be super grossed by the memories of your youth. Click the link for the trailer. Ps. it’s a cartoon with some of the top comics out there right now…Nick Kroll, you are gross and I love your perfectly weird mind!

Fitness: Well this is complicated as mentioned above. All I will say here is be kind to your body, fuel it properly and add box jumps in to every other work out…they work your entire body and you will look like a seriously elite athlete! Happy jumping!

Food: I am dabbling in new oils, avocado specifically. Got a recipe? I am all ears! Plus my goal for this month is too use more fresh herbs verses salt to season my food and to try and be as paleo as possible.

Fashion: I am obsessed with everything jewel tones, solid, bold jewel tones. My go to IMG_9885right now for shopping is Amazon and Winners. Cheap, fast and good (CFG, my life motto). I know you will say I only like emerald green because of my love for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and you wouldn’t be wrong but it’s also the colour of the season.


Ok that’s all I’ve got for now but I promise to be back soon!

Be Great!


One thought on “Yikes! It’s been a year!

  1. Tara

    I have to tell you in my opinion crossfit is the cause of a lot of your pain. I felt so much better when I stopped doing it. Good luck finding what works for you. Currently doing 9 rounds and really enjoy it.


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