Fiona’s Flu Viewing List


So, I went home to Winnipeg for an epic Halloween wedding social, had the best time and came back to my second home (Saskatoon) with a nasty bug! Thanks Manitoba! I have been sick for three weeks…three long weeks. The first week I was in denial with the warrior spirit that I was going to destroy this bug then BOOM it got me!

The first week was all about sweating, irritability and exhaustion – all things I imagine menopause is going to be like. Week 2 was full body aches, coughing, and hallucinating…I had a dream one morning I had 5 hamster nipples grafted to my left rib and I was in charge of nursing 5 “Royal Hamsters”…one the hamsters wore a tutu….I was on a lot of medication! Week three has been more coughing and complete exhaustion but I am seeing the light, I looked at my sneakers today and said “Hello old friend, see you soon!”

But through this plague I have watched so many movies, tv shows and Netflix series that I would like to present to you….”Fiona’s Flu Viewing List”

Bad Moms

Ok, this movie is predictable and full of mom jokes but since I’m not a mom some of the jokes didn’t land as they had hopped but it reconfirmed I want to be friends with Kristen Bell! If you like dirty jokes and mom’s behaving badly then you will love it!

Neighbours 2

This movie was a huge surprise…I had no idea it was a feminist flick which caught me off guard, plus the story line neighbourshas legs to it. When a movie makes me hit pause and say “Wait, is it true?” and then hit google has my attention. What I learned from this film is, America has a LONG way to go when it comes to women’s equality…did you know that it is written into the Greek Constitution of Fraternities and Sororities that sororities CANNOT HOST PARTIES…that’s right, if women want to party they need to go a fraternity!

In real life, the 26 member sororities governed by the National Panhellenic Conference indeed forbid drinking in sorority houses as a rule. No alcohol means no hosting of house parties on par with the fraternities. – The Daily Beast

They claim it is because it cheaper and easier to insure a dry sorority but is it written as a law forbidding it?  And we all sit here and wonder how a woman couldn’t get elected in the US maybe they should look at equal rights for women on campuses? This movie is mindless, fun and actually a good sequel.

Sausage Party

It was at this point I realized I was on a real Seth Rogen marathon and perhaps needed to start watching something a touch more cerebral. When this movie came out in theatres I kind of went out of my way to not pay attention to it because it stupid as hell…and then I got sick and desperate. I laughed a couple times at the dirty food jokes but Sausage Party was just a time filler, unlike other Rogen offerings like “This is the End” I won’t be re-watching it! Derek also watched it and said he laughed once which shocked me, I was sure he was going to love it! PASS.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Ok, so I didn’t get “cerebral” right away but I am a huge fan of Andy Samberg’s sleeper movie “Hot Rod” so I had to give this one a chance and in no way did I regret it…it was funny, stupid, a beautiful mockery or pop-stardom and star packed! Kick back, put your brain on pause and enjoy!popstar

At this point my iTunes account ran dry and I moved over to Netflix and HBO on demand!


insecureThis is a great new series featuring Issa Rae. She is hilarious, vulnerable, real and drops the ‘N’ bomb liberally. It is a modern day look at life with her friend who is an insecure, narcissistic, nympho. Issa at one point takes to the stage at an open mic night and freestyle raps about her friend and the song goes viral and how could it not…I won’t ruin the surprise here, just watch it and think of Trump. It has been green-lit for a second season on HBO so get on it and binge watch ASAP!




This is Sarah Jessica Parker’s triumphant return to HBO and she has brought some friends with her…Molly Shannon (who steals every scene), Jemaine Clement (swoon) and Thomas Haden Church who is divorceabsolutely brilliant!! Watch for him during Golden Globe season because he will be nominated without a doubt. He is unhinged, hilarious and raw. SJP is the perfect counterpoint to THC, they are a perfect pair like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan! This show has also been picked up for  a second season.

The Crown

This should come as no surprise that I binge watched this Netflix series -I love me some Royals! It is a totally winstondifferent look at QEII’s life but it is paired with 10 Downing’s Street and it completely grabs you (if you like this sort of stuff). I am memorized by Claire Foy who plays Queen Elizabeth and John Lithgow’s portrayal of Winston Churchill is brilliant. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to believe him in this role but he pulls it off. This is a long winter’s night in January type series to hunker down and watch, while it’s still nice out do not give yourself this series.

With a couple more days ahead of shaking off this chest infection I may be adding some more titles soon…any viewing suggestions?

Be Great





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