The moment it all changed!


The whole process of moving to Toronto was long and drawn out which I now deeply regret. We moved our stuff out of the house in segments which was always a great excuse to go back to Winnipeg and we delayed the sale because we thought we would get more money for the house if we waited til springtime. This meant we would carry the mortgage for 7 months, this was financially exhausting and a massive source of stress.

I also constantly flip-flopped with the idea of keeping the house as a rental, Derek was firmly against the idea and I thought it would be a great investment plus a solid safety net. My mind was quickly changed when we went back in June and the basement flooded because of tree roots in the sewer line (welcome to River Heights), I thought if that had happened with renters I would have felt terrible – the idea of renting was 100% over!

The house went up for sale and we didn’t get the money we thought we would, in fact a lot less. I knew we were sitting ducks because the house was empty and the kitchen and basement weren’t great but our realtor did a good job and got us fair market value for a house like ours.

It was OVER!!! We were financially FREE!! We were no longer tied to ANYTHING!!! This was the most liberating feeling EVER!! Then it hit me, the concept of buying a house, living in one neighbourhood for your ENTIRE life is so completely over-rated! I did it, I believed in it for decades, it was part of my DNA and all of a sudden I was no longer defined by having a nice house, dreaming of a cabin at Victoria Beach and bitching to my City Councillor that my neighbours play structure was breaking a city bi-law! Being a renter is also pretty great, when something breaks in the house, it’s not your problem!! Yes, I acknowledge this may sound like a mid-life crisis and maybe it is but I truly feel FREE!!!

img_5289Then the job offer came exactly one week after we closed on our Winnipeg house! If it had been one month earlier I would have flat out said “no” because we couldn’t afford it (mortgage in Winnipeg, rent in Toronto and rent in Saskatoon – not a chance!). So, I said “yes” and the adventure began…3 provinces in 10 months and zero regrets!

It’s funny, when I started telling people “Ya, I am moving to Saskatoon” every single person said “I have heard it’s nice there”and you know what, you were right! Saskatoon is young, vibrant, a foodies paradise, welcoming and a true hidden gem!

A big part of me never wants to own another home or at least not right now and hear me when I say, my days of calling City Councillors is not over…do you hear me, NOT OVER!


Ok, I am going to tell you what wasn’t fun…Bridget has a baby! Oh snap, I went to see this flick with a very pregnant friend and felt she wanted to see it for research purposes, even though she knows who the father is…anyway, the movie sucks and only if you are sick in bed fighting the flu should you watch it! 1 out of 5 stars.


I need a running partner and STAT! In Winnipeg I had friends galore who loved running with me and in Toronto my 2 fur-pals were my running buddies…now I am without both. I am going to try out the running room free night and hope I meet some cool folks….any runners out there looking for a buddy? I comfortably run a 10 minute mile for about 10-15km, 9 mins for 5km.

I have joined 2 gyms here in YXE and I love them both. Super inspiring people, motivated adventure racers and I get really sweaty – I feel like my goal of becoming “Country Strong” will become a reality here! There are some seriously fit people in this town, I need to up my game big time!


One of the biggest food/alcohol trends in the past 2 years has been these over the topdill-pickle-vodka-bottle-4 Caesars (I say food and alcohol because Caesars these days basically come with an entire meal as a garnish) and in Saskatoon (or YXE to the locals) they have taken it to another level. Last Mountain Distillery in Saskatoon makes a dill pickle vodka which is a must have. If you like your Caesar spicy they also have a chili pepper vodka that will blow your socks off!

I made these super buttery, sweat and appley treat the other day for my co-workers and they said they were super awesome

(I didn’t eat any as I have been eating way too much apple-crisp-shortbread-bars-soberjuliegluten and sick in the guts). They were super easy to make and a great alternative to just shortbread or just apple crisp – it was a dessert marriage waiting to happen!

Thanks Sober Julie for creating this delish treat!

The BEST Apple Crisp Shortbread Bars Recipe


If you wanna be a “basic” in Saskatoon then you need these earrings from Hillberg and Berk. They are Sparkle Ball sparkleStud Earrings and yes, I bought a pair and I love them! I’m a total “Basic”!

Folks in Saskatoon dress super well, like I went to the Farmers Market looking like a straight up hobo and quickly went home to change because the market is the place to be seen…and not in your nasty yoga pants and 15 year old fleece jacket! LOL!

Be Great!





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