A very unexpected Toronto problem!


People usually describe Toronto in the following ways: crazy amounts of traffic, Drake, the Raptors and a concrete jungle.Well, 3 out 4 of those things are absolutely correct! I never in my wildest dreams ever thought my biggest problem this weekend would have been getting all of the sand out of my house and deciding which nature hike would best suit my mood!

Lake Ontario is literally seconds from our house and my entire commute to work parallelsIMG_3658 the water making for mindless moments sitting at red lights. Then there is the intense hiking trails I seem to be finding everywhere which is both killing my quads (these prairie legs are not made for all of these hills) and they are turning our more than happy hiking pups into catatonic, snoring piles of mush every night, it is glorious!

This week we are going to be taking our Toronto outdoorsy adventures to the next level and have signed up for (free) kayaking lessons and I have have even enrolled in stand up paddle board lessons for the month of July -and it’s all right in the city! BANANAS!!

Trust me, the concrete jungle is still very much a Toronto thing if you want it to be but finding all of these super great spaces as been a massive/awesome surprise.



A good use of your movie watching dollars this week is the “The Nice Guys” with Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe. It’s predictable, at times campy but over all, a good night out.

If you hit a rough patch this week and the person in the cube next to you is being a real work-whale then I recommend watching this video on repeat, it makes me stupid happy.


Ok,let’s talk about boobs! Derek found this the other day and it has got us wondering – would it work? Breast Compression? The Booband…would you or wouldn’t you? Please message me!


Either way, right now my fave at home exercise is what I call a 4-point plank…get in plank position then your right hand touches your left shoulder and then down, your left hand touches your right shoulder then down, then your right hand reaches back and touches your left foot…etc…etc…you get it! You do that for a minute and KA-BOOM!


This is my easiest/yummiest quick snack which I love, I call it “Banana Bliss”!IMG_3866

1 banana chopped up

2 tablespoon coconut milk

1/8 cup pecans and 1/8 shredded coconut toasted in a pan on the stove (takes only moments and totally worth it but you could also opt out of this step and throw them on cold)

a sprinkle of cinnamon


When I worked at CTV Winnipeg I worked with a gal named Michelle Gerwing. You know bootiethat moment when you meet someone and you are like “Oh hell ya, we are going to be friends”, that is Michelle and me. It got really weird there for while too because we would often come to work wearing the exact same outfit, and we would laugh and throw our Daisy Fuentes hair weaves back and laugh and laugh some more.

But the entire time we worked together Michelle wore a pair of shoes I so desperately wanted…I finally bought them this week and Michelle you were right, they are fantastic. I present to you the Steve Madden open-toe bootie!


Be Great!






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