I have gained the “Freshmen 15”


Getting to know a new city means a lot of things: learning the street names, meeting new people,  trying to find a new hairdresser (the hunt continues –  I went to Fiorio’s and for what I got it was way too expensive) and it also means trying all the different food…the glorious non-paleo, stomach churning, pant tightening FOOD!

In a city like Toronto which is so ethnically diverse it is literally a foodie’s paradise and my waist line is paying for it! I have been making “Adventure Lists” every week and it always includes at least one visit to a new-to-me restaurant/bakery that I usually find on Instagram. This week I tried a smorgasbord of  ciders made in Toronto, of which there are plenty and I stuffed my face until I got sick at the “Rolling Pin” with their over-the-top donuts. I regretted it almost immediately as I suffered body aches and a pounding headache within minutes of eating them – oh gluten, why do you hate me so?! But they were so beautiful and smelled like heaven so, it was almost worth it!

But hear my now – my “Adventure Lists” are getting revamped to healthier options but only after I get one of these totally amazing looking cheesecakes from Uncle Tetsu – I think they would be ‘Golden Girls’ approved!golden-girls-kitchen


pee weeMy girlfriend Candida is always recommending movies I need to see and this weekend she threw me a curve ball with “Pee Wee’s Big Holiday”! Candida nor Pee Wee disappointed me!

It was fun, campy, sexy (thanks Joe Maganiello) and authentic to classic Pee Wee Herman movies! It’s not going to win any awards but with a 79% juicy tomato on Rotten Tomatoes, I would say it was definitely an hour and 29 minutes well spent!

We also watched “Sisters” this weekend which I was certain was going to be a total pile of hot garbage but Mama Mia, I was wrong. It is stupid, predictable and totally hilarious! Many usable one-liners and it’s a good movie for the over 40 crowd, completely relatable(ish)!


The more things change the more things stay exactly the same  – In Winnipeg I lived within running distance of Assiniboine Park/Zoo and now in Toronto I live withing running distance of the Toronto Zoo. Winnipeg was further but TO has something called HILLS?? It sounds and feels like hell but they keep saying it is pronounced “hills”. Because running is cheap and in my case solitary (no running partner yet but I am working on it) I have been doing it a lot more and my legs hate me…I would be lost with out my foam roller, they are cheap and a lifesaver! To quote ‘The Weeknd’ “The hills have eyes” to which I say good because I am giving you the finger mo-fo’s!


One thing I have absolutely fallen in love with since moving is Biosteel protein powder. I have tried so many kinds of whey (never soy) protein powders and wasted so much money. Either they taste synthetic, artificial or chalky. I have been adding it in almost every day and I really feel as if my insulin levels have balanced out and I feel full longer. I mix one scoop of vanilla with a handful of frozen pineapple, strawberries and almond milk and it tastes like a banana split!


I am obsessed with these high-neck trapeze tops from Old Navy (and pretty much every store these days). I wear them with tapered cropped pants, flats and a jean jacket! BOOM business casual!  Question: I see in the stores that culottes are making a comeback – what say you? Yay or Nay?

Be great!




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