Layoffs, freelancing and job hunting.


2015 started off with a bang in the form of a severance package! Looking back, getting laid-off on January 6th was really the least of my worries this year.

I was unemployed for exactly 2 months (January and February), picked up  contract work back at the station which laid me off in March, freelanced


Available at Tinyfeast

with Evanov co-hosting the morning show with Frankie Hollywood (March and April), then moved over to FIFA for the Women’s World Cup (April to July) and then transitioned over to CTV (July to present day) and even managed to squeeze in a day of work with Big Brother Canada….needless to say, come tax time things will be interesting!

This year taught me many valuable lessons; networking and being nice to people is key! Always be nice and always say yes to an opportunity because you honestly have no SKclue where it will lead you. I always wanted to work for CTV (OK, I always wanted to be Sylvia Kuzyk #swoon) and I could never get noticed until working for FIFA. If anyone had said “go work your guts out in a hot stadium while wearing a navy blue pant suit and you will get your dream” I would have never believed them! For this, I will always be thankful for FIFA because it gave me such an amazing opportunity which I NEVER saw coming! I have personally learned so much in the past 5 months at CTV that it excites me and as the rest of the world feels as if media is dying, I feel even more passionate about it.

So, what is the moral of this post??? Well, none really because who am I to give out advice but I know a lot of media people right now are struggling with their own lay-off and I 100% feel your pain. As someone who 12 months later is now finally on the other side of it, hear me when I say “You’ve got this and you will be ok!” (repeat as many times as needed until it sticks in your head). You will find out who your real friends are, who has always wanted to work with you, you will become open to new ideas and you will become a fighter! Do NOT give up, say it again “YOU’VE GOT THIS!”

On to other business.


Wanna have fun, get sweaty and pay zero dollars? Then “like” Winnipeg Run Club on Facebook and join in on the fun. I went running with them last week and they are a great group of people who are positive and passionate about being healthy and being good global citizens! They are meeting every Thursday in January at the Pan Am pool and I believe it is free!


That’s me in the pink hat and  jacket hiding behind Yoda!


Thanks to a tweet from Shel Zolkewich, I have fallen in love this food/gift idea from Oat Box. For $25 (taxes included and shipping) they send you a massive, beautifully decorated box with 2 very BIG bags of flavoured oats with an overnight mixing container which is insanely adorable and super on trend. Buy it now and thank me later!

And my latest addiction is Acai puree! Holy moly this stuff is no joke! I picked up the puree at an organic health food store and mixed it with a banana and a 1/4 cup of coconut milk….insert ecstasy style groans here!



Ok…this one is home fashion. For those living in the prairies this is a must have! Matt is a local guy who makes these gorgeous wood creations for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. You can reach Matt only on Instagram at “Huronwoodowork” and a single province will cost you $40!


Be good!




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