Why I want to hug military families!


Since DT and I have been living “bi-provincial” we have had to defend our decision A LOT and most times I retort back to people with “If we were in the military you would never question how we live our lives.” And as a result I think about military families all the time and try to channel their strength.

Living long distance from the one you love makes you miss a lot of things. It would be great to have a little extra help around the house, have someone to talk to at supper time, to go to a movie with, to get an instant reaction to “what do you think of this…” but I am a strong prairie woman and tough as stink but the one thing I need and can’t seem to shake (not when it is 36 degrees with a humidex of 44) is the need for a hug. A big, warm, not too hard, not too long (creepers) but the perfect hug. My DT gives a great hug.

The other day I was driving to work and all I could think about was wanting a hug but thought my NEW co-workers would think it’s weird if I asked for one, we aren’t there yet in our friendship. I’m pretty sure I would have gotten a call from

Seriously, you can't sneak up on me and demand a hug - Lewi Odlum Taylor

Seriously, you can’t sneak up on me and demand a hug – Lewi Odlum Taylor

HR so I didn’t ask, instead I came home and forced Lewi into hugging me….she gave me some serious shade afterwards. But here is the thing, my DT is only one province away, I can talk/facetime with him whenever I want, I know I will see him almost every month and the wait for a hug isn’t that long but unlike a military family they aren’t sure when that next hug will come if at all….so to all of you living apart and fighting the good fight, I feel only part of your struggle and just know this hug is for you!

Alright now here is what I am loving these days:

Fashion: I finally bought these earrings from Etsy shop PetiteCo and I love them to tiny pieces.


tiny earrings

I also broke down and picked up this shirt from Zulily which I had been eyeballing for a couple months, it was a FAIL. First off, I thought it was a shirtsweatshirt and not a thin shirt and secondly I hate scoop necks. I have this dress coming next from Zulily, if it’s a fail I may just start ordering only jewelry from them.Zulily dress

Fitness: Aspire was closed for a couple days this weekend and I really wanted to get my sweat on so I tried out a bootcamp at Pro(Ag)gressive. It seriously kicked my ass and have been sore for 2 days. For $20 you can try unlimited bootcamp classes for 2 weeks. I think it’s good to spice things up once and awhile but I am still Team Aspire 100%. Ps. I signed up for Motionball, who else is in? http://www.proaggressivefitness.com/

Food: I am all about roasting vegetables these days. They are super low maintenance, they don’t expire as fast as non-root veggies, they freeze super well and great for the guts/wallet! I have been spicing things up literally with my new Flavor God spices. “Everything Spicy” is my favourite but a couple big chunks of garlic and some canola oil does the trick too! Hmmmm garlic!Staten-Island-Summer

Fun: Since I am movie date-less I have been getting my money’s worth from Netflix. You gotta check out “Staten Island Summer”. It features the majority of the current cast of SNL and it doesn’t suck! It’s your typical end of summer, boy finally gets the girl of his dreams flick but it has a good level of gross college humour I love! Give it a whirl.

Be good my friends.




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