Here they are! My P2P round 2 photos are in!


My goals for “Push ups to pin ups” round 2 were simple, push the limits and get super strong, reduce the cellulite on the tops of my thighs and biceps and fall deeper in love with the process. Check, check and check!

I truly loved every second (minus the last 2 days pre-shoot) of this journey. Round 2 was so different than the first time. I trusted my body more, I believed in the process more, I met and made new friends and it challenged me when I absolutely felt my lowest. I was so committed to the 12 weeks that while I was working 15, 16, 17 hour days at FIFA I would still came home and work out because I wanted change more than I wanted sleep. I did box jumps and lunges in my backyard in the middle of the night with a stupid grin on my face, I loved it! And it paid off, I am down 35+ pounds and I now run 12k in 55 minutes!

And here is the other fact, Jason, Jeff and Erica (the owner/ trainers at Aspire) have taken me in as one other own when I without a doubt needed it the most. To say the last 8 months have been personally challenging would be an understatement, it has been one poo-emoji sandwich after another and every time they picked me up, dusted me off and said “see you again tomorrow” which was incredibly powerful to my soul. They have been my angels dressed in dry-fit and hoodies, I call them my #FitFam.

Anyway, you don’t want to hear all my life nonsense, you want the pics! Once again a big thanks to photographer Kelly Morton, hair and make-up from the team at Essentique Spa Salon, the cotton candy kiosk at the Forks and a big thanks to the “just a hint” of liquid courage (Mmmm Kraken rum!).

Deep breath….be kind with your comments, I am feeling vulnerable here.

Fiona and Jason candy

Jason Penner, Owner of Aspire Fitness and all around great guy!

P2P Round 2 Bent over row black and white bench black and white bent over row close up black and white close up white shirt Fiona and Jason candy 2 Fiona headshot 2 Fiona headshot Fiona side 2 fiona side profile tossled hair white shirt glassesBe good my friends


3 months


3 thoughts on “Here they are! My P2P round 2 photos are in!

  1. Candace Smith

    Congratulations, Fiona! You have been on an amazing journey and I’m so glad I got to read about it. You look wonderful! Your photos are so beautiful!


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