I said sexy photo shoot, he said….


As we move toward week 6 of P2P I am now starting to get focused on what I might want to do in my pictures. Last time, I P2P Round 1did some professional photos, pics with the dogs and some fun pictures….this time, I am thinking I may go a little bit more risqué! Ya me, mega tomboy is thinking of getting, dare I say…..SEXY???

Just like last time to get in the mood I plopped in the search word “portraits” into Pinterest and started scouring the web for ideas where I

Pic taken by Kelly Morton Her pictures turned out great.

Pic taken by Kelly Morton
This is Nicky a P2P alumni, her pictures turned out great.

found one I really liked. I thought is was fun, cute and a little bit sexy…so I quickly called my husband and said “hey, what do you think of this idea for my P2P photo shoot…picture it, me in a fitted tank with matching hot pant underwear and I have my hair in curlers?” At this time please note, I sounded super excited about the idea and thought my husband might like a boudoir photo of me, albeit very watered down from what you see to the left of the screen but sexy none the less! But this is what I got and I quote “Well, I hope you wear clean underwear!”

WHAT?!?! Seriously, OMG!!! I would like to also mention, because I am a LADY I have somewhat censored his reply and if he chooses to comment on this posting with his real, more vulgar reply that is on him! LOL!

Anyway, here is the picture I was going to recreate…you tell me, yes or no!?And perhaps out of spite, my hilarious husband will get this picture instead! Enjoy that smarty pants Taylor!Hey Derek! I have clean underwear on!In other news – I spent the night tonight at Supper Central for a Manitoba Chicken producers dinner making party and it was de to the lish! I think these pre-packaged paleo dinners will save my bacon during the FIFA Women’s World cup tournament.

I also have fallen in love with the “soft pant”! If you grew up in the 80’s you know them as “genie pants” – well they are back and they are just like wearing fancy pajamas out in public and I love it!!

Ok, I must skedaddle – the brand new David Duchovny show “Aquarius” about Charlie Manson starts tonight and I have been aching to watch it! PS. Definitely rent on VOD “What we do in the shadows” , if you are a fan of “Flight of the Conchords” then you will love it as I did. BUT WARNING: Do not watch “Snowpiercer” right before bed because I guarantee you will have weird dreams!

Be good!


I adore this.

For my weird husband – I am so thankful my weird found your weird!! Love you!


3 thoughts on “I said sexy photo shoot, he said….

  1. Shawna

    What did you think of Aquarius? And I say go for the sexy fitted tank photo shoot….and put some chocolate on your undies just for Derek lol


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