Week 5, I’ve been waiting for you!


And so it begins, week 5 of P2P round 2. Week 5 is the week your body really starts responding to the changes you are making and maybe not yet but soon people will stop and notice. crossfit motivational quotes - Google SearchHowever, let me tell you, the first 4 weeks of the program have seriously kicked my butt! I don’t want to diminish anything P2P round 1’ers are going through but round 2 is NO JOKE and it kind of makes wonder what would happen in round 3…I guess that is what December is for (oh ya, I am doing it again)!

This time out the work-outs have been way longer, the weight is way heavier and the “homework” is killer! But here is the thing…the results are coming way faster! I am already down a dress size and I literally feel myself getting stronger every day – this is a crazy addictive feeling!

Some of my struggles lately have been keeping my iron levels up and I am pretty sure (contrary to the pharmacist at Shoppers) I have seasonal allergies. Paleo eating has been pretty good, trying to mix things up and not getting stuck in a rut is key.  Spice is the absolute trick to eating paleo. Check these spices out, I really like them, full paleo, full of flavour and they are also gluten free! http://flavorgod.com/

Go ahead! Hulk out!

My new co-worker (Tim Horn) at FIFA is hilarious. He says some of the funniest things and cracks me up daily (check my twitter feed with my Tim Horn QOTD) but one thing he said has stuck with me and become my new mantra. It was in relation to a press release we were sending out and he was certain people would “Hulk out” when they read it. Well, “Hulking out” has now become our new go to phrase and it has also morphed into me going “Hulk-a-mania”. Try it out, it feels good at the end of most sentences! Wanna go for a walk? Heck, ya, let’s hulk out! Wanna go see Pitch perfect 2? I wanna Hulk-a-mania that movie! See, it just works!

Here are somethings I am totally loving right now! As I am prepping to leave Winnipeg I am trying to get as many local things as possible. First up, jewelry! I am loving these bracelets and need many many more, I purchased Beatrix but Freya, I have my eye on you! Check out Sugar Blossoms http://shopsugarblossom.com/

Accent pillow designed by Roy Liang – Winnipeg Arena

I also purchased this great vintage silk screen of the old Winnipeg Arena from Winnipeg artist, Roy Liang. It will look perfect on the grey couch DT just bought for his bachelor condo!

I have also picked up a couple of prints from Tiny Feast, I would seriously love the owners of Tiny Feast to design and decorate my entire house! http://www.tinyfeast.com/

Oh and my last tid bit – if you wanna see a good family/anytime movie, you gotta rent Paddington! I was pessimistic but Rotten Tomatoes gave it 97% certified fresh tomato and boy were they right! Super good!

Be good!

FThis is what I need to hear - daily, it's perfect. Can I get a tattoo of this on the back of my hand?


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