Bigger, badder, better! P2P Round 2!


Spring fever? Did I bump my head? Mid-life crisis? NOPE! And I quote Vin Diesel from Furious 7 (which ps. is the worst/most hilarious movie of 2015 so far!) “You can’t keep a beast locked in a cage”! My decision to do P2P again is simple!

Last week I started working my new contract job with FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer and these women are beasts, straight up no joke! They make me wanna be stronger, healthier and to push the limits. On day 2 of my job the team took me in and welcomed me to gym rat club – affectionately called the “Getting Jacked” crew.

Training motivation! Abby Wambach is a beast!

Training motivation! Abby Wambach is a beast!

We meet most days and hit up the gym at IGF (It’s not the same one the players use, we have our own make shift one which is pretty pimped out), being surrounded by a team of positive people looking to work hard and train hard combined with the amazing program at Aspire I thought to myself “let’s do this and get really jacked before we hit TO” so here we go…..oh, and this go round I will still keep Tracy Moore’s arms in mind but I am fully focused on beast moding it up à la Abby Wambach!

Unlike last time the diet will be the easiest part of the program but this time unlike last time I am going to really make an effort to limit my salt (sweet God, it’s my fave!) and to reduce my

I love you more!

I love you more!

caffeine (I will always love you and your beautiful energizing nectar!). I recently borrowed this book Nom nom Paleo – Food for humans  and it is really good and it will help in keeping my meals interesting! Ok, my love for the book is biased considering one of the recipes is called “Fiona’s Green Chicken”! Check it out!

I am also really busy these days getting the house ready to put on the market. We had originally planned to put it up next week but it is getting pushed back and honestly, renting out the house might be on the table. I am not entirely sure if we are ready to actually sell our little place just quite yet. I will keep you posted because quiet frankly, it changes every day! Either way, painting and packing is still happening!

A couple weeks ago my friend Candida gave me some Chia

Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

seeds (ya the chia seeds for a chia pet) and I soaked them in almond milk & honey overnight which turned it into a delicious chia pudding. It is super yum, very much like tapioca but I couldn’t stop singing “ch-ch-ch-ch-chia pets!” with every mouthful. Here is the recipe I used:

Right now I am totally in love with the longer style pencil skirt trend and this bad girl will be mine – I love me a sale and Reitmans for me is often hit or miss but this skirt is a hit at $29.99!,default,pd.html?cgid=Skirts&subcat=Skirts_Career

Once again I wanna thank all the folks who have reached out and offered to help me make connections in Toronto, your support has been unwavering and incredible – thank you so, so much!

Be good my friends!




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