Pears, the fruit of my looms?


Lately, it seems as is I keep getting the same 6 questions over and over about my life. My niece put it best the other day by simple saying with her adorable British accent “Aunty Fi, I understand things are a little tough right now and your life has become rather pear shaped”.

Pear shaped, what a perfect description!

For the most part I truck along trying to make every day better than the day before but today I got cornered by a complete stranger and was asked the usual 6 questions but this time his judgement of my answers was harder to swallow and I am certain my face didn’t hide my shock. Perhaps it was because he doesn’t really know me or that it wasn’t the time or place to be asking me these types of questions, I was embarrassed! Here is how the conversation played out:

1. “When are you moving?” answer: I don’t know yet.

2. “Why haven’t you moved yet?” answer: I don’t have a job out there, I have more opportunity here, Derek’s apartment isn’t pet friendly and I love it here.

3. “Have you listed your house yet?” answer: no, because I don’t have job out there, we don’t have a place to stay and I am finding work here which is making me happy.

4. “Don’t you want to be where your husband is?” answer: of course I want to be where DT is but we have a great relationship and see each other a lot because of his flexible work schedule. (I always find this question the most insulting of them all)

5. “Why don’t you just move out there and let your parents look after the dogs?” answer: great in theory but it would take Lewi  2.5 days to decide to run away and chose to be eaten by coyotes over living at the farm (almost proven fact).

6. “Why don’t you just take any old job?” and then my favourite “Why can’t you get a job out in Toronto?” answer: from the time you decide to look for a new job it can take up to 18 months to land something decent. *But what I really wanted to say is back-off and thank you for making me feel even less employable than I already feel.

And there you have it, the 6 questions that make my life “pear shaped”! Tomorrow I will try to do better and I will work on my poker face – more sleep and perhaps less caffeine will help.

In other news, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute last week filling in on Wheeler in the Morning and this week has been a welcome new challenge co-hosting the Energy morning show, radio is fantastic! But as for the future, I have no clue but I can confidently say I believe adventure awaits, new challenges are welcome and a new summer wardrobe is needed (28 pounds lighter and none of my clothes fit! YES!!!!).

Be good my friends.




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