I’m back….for one week!


Oh the stories I have to share with you…I was asked to do some fill-in work next week on Wheeler in the Morning on City, Drew is taking a much deserved holiday so I will be hanging out with Jenna out on remote for the entire week! I am really looking forward to it and the segments we have lined up will be super fun – um hello, we are making BEER! I will be going to the speedway, something fun with dogs, I also want to sneak in a bakery or 2 (Sleepy Owl and Chew’s new bakery I am looking at you!) and a whole bunch of stuff. If you have any ideas I am all ears!

Last week, I was out in Toronto which was supposed to be strictly for funsies but I ended up having a couple meetings with

DT and I hanging out by Lake Ontario!

DT and I hanging out by Lake Ontario!

potential employers. I gotta say, everyone I have met out there has been lovely, I mean I would of course love them more if they said “You’re hired!” but either way it’s been a pretty positive experience. I should also say, if the right opportunity came along in Winnipeg, Regina, Vancouver but never you Lethbridge (you know what you did) I would be on the move, Derek and I agree we can weather any storm.

But today I got the most amazing surprise! There I was sitting on my couch chatting with DT on the phone and I see the mailman walk up with a parcel wrapped in the tell-tell Zulily wrapping and I

I am truly blessed to have friends who care and send me surprise sweaters!

I am truly blessed to have friends who care and send me surprise sweaters!

said “I didn’t order anything?”, I open it and see the sweater I was drooling over and posted right her on my blog. I asked DT “Did you send me this?” and he paused and said “No, but I know who did!” and he told me it was from his longtime school chum Bridget. Bridget and I met years ago and have chatted over the years via FB so to get this parcel seriously knocked me on my ass! I left her a hysterical voice mail of me crying and thanking her for the amazing surprise, I can’t wait til we talk and I will try to keep my emotions in check!!!! Seriously, how insanely thoughtful!!! And now I am crying again……thank you Bridget!

Ok, I have composed myself! Lately, I have been trying really hard to ween myself off of potatoes which isn’t considered paleo and switch to sweet potato full time. So far so good, sweet potatoes do cook faster so that is good and they do caramelize nicely which is an added bonus but they just don’t taste great as fries. I am a big fan of anything I can call little packages so this recipe covers all the bases….wrapped in foil, chicken and sweet potato, you can’t lose!  http://busy-mommy.com/2014/05/honey-bbq-bacon-chicken-sweet-potato-packets.html#_a5y_p=2414407

I have been tempting fate a little bit lately and trying to do more oblique work – so far my body hasn’t completely rejected me. For those of you who don’t know, I have troubles with my liver and

Side wall crunch is super effective and totally can be done watching tv.

Side wall crunch is super effective and totally can be done watching tv.

sometimes it swells up because fluid get trapped

Carrie Underwood CALIA brand tights available at Dick's sporting goods

Carrie Underwood CALIA brand tights available at Dick’s sporting goods

inside. It is very painful at times and I have had surgery to resolve some of the issues but before you send me any smoothie recipes or cleanses or pills none of that will work, it is a genetic, 1 in a 1,000,000 abnormality, you can’t fix me.

Also fitness related, did you know that Carrie Underwood has her own line of work-out gear? It’s called CALIA and I bought these tights and I FREAKING LOVE THEM!

Finally, in other news I watching the flicks The Kingsmen and Run all night, if you have $12 to burn spend it on Run all night – I know you are saying “But Fiona, isn’t it just Taken 4?” and I will say “No”. Liam Neeson is vulnerable, believable and who ever played his son in the movie is really good! Go check it out!

Be good my friends.



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