My first time was poolside in Brandon, Manitoba!


The year was 1978, I was 6 years old and on a family trip to the Wheat city. It was crazy fun because we had a poolside room and back in the day the hotel had an arcade game (it was a mechanical dump truck you had to move a bunch of green gravel around in a specific amount of time – it was the 70’s) but it was poolside which for a six year old it was completely mind blowing!

I remember 3 things about that trip..the video games (obvi), the IMG_8834poolside fashion show which resulted in one of the models accidentally falling in the pool (I think it was her first time on heels) and my first time….loosing a tooth! What did you think I was talking about? Pervs! Yup, I was poolside, bit into a monster sized hamburger and out popped my front tooth! Forever and always I will remember the Royal Oak for that moment! Where/how did you lose your first tooth?

I had a chance to retrace my foot steps without losing a tooth this past weekend at the Manitoba Canola Growers dinner at Grey Owl Culinary school, if you ever get the chance to go and you say no then consider us not friends! After the most Canola Connections dinner in Brandonamazing dinner and meeting some truly remarkable farmers we returned for the night to the Royal Oak – I gotta say, in the dank month of February the smell of an indoor pool is intoxicating! We had a great time in Brandon but one thing I noticed in town was how many amazing original homes which line the major routes through town that are in desperate need of major TLC. Perhaps, I have been watching way to much Project Rehab on the HGTV but damn Brandon, get on it!

February has to be the worst month for people to battle cabin fever/the winter blues but hopefully this will cheer you up…I spotted these bad boys this week at Walmart! Spring must be coming if they are stocking the shelves with gorgeous rain boots! For $29 bucks I will take 6 please!

Spring has arrived at Walmart for only $29!

Spring has arrived at Walmart for only $29!

I have been trying to keep myself busy and giving myself a two part daily baking challenge. The first part is making the goodies (soft pretzels, cream puffs, donuts) and then the second part is

Black and White cookies! Heaven!

Black and White cookies!

finding a home for the treats. It has been a lot of fun and it has really helped me feel somewhat productive while emptying out the cupboards! But the clear winner has to be these New York inspired Black and White cookies! HOT DAMN GIRL! These things are so damn good and way easier than you might think! Here is the recipe – report back with your cookie triumphs.

It has been a very up and down week but I am reminded of the  Brandon, Manitoba motto “Vires Acquirit Eundo”  which translates to “She acquires strength through progress” and nothing more could be truer for this gal – gotta keep hustling!

Be good!



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