The Big Smoke, b-ball, bosses and blouses!


Oh what a week! I flew out to Toronto this week to visit my hubby at his new condo and to start making actual face to face connections with potential employers.

I was super excited to get to hang out with DT and have him tour me around Toronto but I will be honest, I was CRAZY nervous about meeting the people who may or may not determine sweaterif I get to maintain my online shopping addiction (ie. have disposable cash to spend on that damn sweater I have been eyeballing on Zulily for over 3 months – see right) or continue to keep my pocket book closed for business (UGH! I need that sweater!).

I’m not going to go into detail about the meetings but I can safely say one was better than all the others! There is now hope where there was none before! When I was getting really stressed this week I kept reminding myself of the famous Babe Ruth quote “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run”, it will come, I just have to believe. I feel like a walking self-help book!  BUT here is the deal, I am open to anything right now, even right here in Winnipeg. In the meantime, if anyone has part-time work I am available – mama needs to stay busy and Ruby and Lewi are getting really sick of me! Make me an offer!

While in TO we caught up with one of Derek’s longtime friends Orlando Magic v Toronto Raptors, Game 3and checked out a Raptors game! Now, I am going to get into a lot of local trouble in saying this but….Raptors fans are pretty GREAT and they may be better than Jets fans. There I said it! It’s true! The Raptors put on a great show, the seats were great, the fans were jovial, the concessions were awesome and I really enjoyed myself! Please don’t kick me out of Pegcity – Bomber fans you are still #1!

But the real thing that has been bothering me lately is all this fantastic news I have been missing in Winnipeg! We are racist, maclean-swe are drinking e.coli water, we have major concerns in our City Hall and the list goes on…and I can’t cover any of it!!! It is killing me! Ok, the fact we are racist isn’t “fantastic” but I am so glad it is being talked about  and sitting on the sideline blows. Whether you agree with the statement about our province is neither here nor there, I applaud the coverage it has gotten and I hope it has sparked good/healthy conversations in your home.

Lately I have been experimenting in the kitchen and these 2 recipes are keepers – Melt in your mouth Greek yogurt smothered chicken and sweet potato crust quiche Give ’em a whirl and let me know if they worked for you too!

When I was in Toronto I bought this top in baby blue (colour not shown here) and according to every store we checked out “Tomato red” is the colour of spring. I’m not sure how I feel about that!

Finally to recap, the week was a bit of a roller coaster for me and at times it got the better of me — but at the end of the day I have to remind myself that I am stepping waaaaaaaaaaaaaayy out of my comfort zone so, I can’t expect everyday to be perfect. Plus, once again this week I am reminded that without my team of family+friends standing right behind me, beside me and leading the way, I would have cracked a long time ago. I am grateful and I do not take your kindness, support and leadership for granted.

Be good!



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