No you may not screw with my brain – that is my job!


It has been 5 months now of eating the paleo menu (for the wiki definition ) essentially I have been eating only meat, fruits and veggies (and yes the

Yum in my Tum

Yum in my Tum

odd cheat day where I will have a bun or a cookie which I immediately regret). This change has made huge improvements to my overall health blah, blah, blah…but my favourite part besides that lack of crippling diarrhea is I can give a massive F-U to big business!

When you eliminate processed/packaged food and buy fruits, veggies and fresh meat you are putting money into farmers pockets which stays right here at home PLUS you eliminate a lot of garbage from your diet which your body was never designed to deal with! When I started digging around and learning about packaged foods it totally freaked my freak. Big business spends a butt load of cash on making sure that we believe we need their product, that we are tricked into craving it, that we can’t live with out it and we become addicted! Breaking free of that cycle has been liberating!

Drink up!

Drink up! You know you wanna!

It is safe to say, I have drunk the Kool-aid and I am not trying to brain wash you here into coming over to the paleo dark side but going grocery shopping is hilarious to me now – I never enter the middle aisles at the store anymore, I don’t notice Burger King when I am driving home and eating candy now tastes literally like poison in my mouth – it’s super weird/awesome!! I have taken control of my own brain and wallet!

Another added bonus – the volume of my recycling has gone done due less packaging waste and my fridge is no longer a graveyard for cucumbers! Small victories!!!

Ok, sermon over! Amen or something to that effect!

Here is my current status – it has been a hellish couple weeks  but things are starting to turn around. My cranky old car is now fixed (I hope), I am heading out to Toronto in a couple weeks which I am super jazzed about, I booked two emcee gigs and an overnight in Brandon with the Manitoba Cacanolanola Growers for a foodies weekend, it is going to be so oily – that’s a lame canola joke! I am also challenging myself next week – I have never worked on a political campaign before so next week I will be volunteering at Theresa Oswald’s headquarters. You could be one of the lucky ones to receive a robo call from yours truly!

The Oscar’s are right around the corner so it is movie madness at my house. This week I watched ‘Selma’, it was an excellent

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are brilliant!

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are brilliant!

refresher class in history and an even better conversation starter about modern day issues which faces many of the same battles. I will be viewing ‘Boyhood’ tomorrow (pray for my butt – it’s a long one) and not nominated but still interesting ‘The Skeleton Twins’ – it is a dark comedy which hit all the right spots for me, I liked it!

I need your advice, I am hardcore Jonesing for these tights from H&M and they might just have to be my splurge this weekend! Eek $29!! Love ’em or hate ’em? I say Love ’em!

Be good!



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