Change is in the wind!


As faithful readers you know I have been planning a move out to Toronto to follow my delicious husband! Ya, that’s right, I called him delicious, those of you who are fans of the TV show “The Goldbergs” you know of which I speak! Oh, Beverly!

The plan all along was he would head out east first and I would continue working here in peg-city until I was able to find a gig out there too! Failing that, I would go to school in the fall at the U of T where I have already been accepted, huzzah!

I will be honest, I wanted to be with my delicious DT immediately but it meant leaving everyone behind and the best job I think I truly ever had which I wasn’t really quiet ready to do. Well…. that all changed on Tuesday with one simple sentence “Today was Breakfast Television’s last show”!

The feelings of surprise, shock, bewilderment, liberation, anxiety, relief and optimism hit my body like……WHOA NELLY!What is coming no one knows! After the shock wore off it was weird because I wasn’t really sad about losing my job, I was sad because now the move was right there, looking at me like a gigantic pre-teen zit!

So, after the trigger was pulled I called DT and he booked the earliest flight back to Winnipeg and a big thanks goes to TSN for helping make that happen – I don’t know you but you sound like good peeps! Plus, over the past few days I have been reaching out to folks letting them know about what has happened and lots of people have been reaching out to me too which, sweet Jesus feels incredible! You have no idea how much power a simple text has over your heart! So, with all of that going on it has lifted my fears of moving and to be honest –I think I am kind of starting to get excited! YUP – I…am…excited!

I am also excited about the new show at Citytv! I know I am treading in dangerous waters here and I mean no disrespect to anyone who was part the BT family because I truly love you.  Wheeler and his gang have built a huge name, reputation and very loyal following. They deserve this moment, they have worked really hard and their talents are undeniable.

Enough about those jerks (I kid) this is about me! As in every life event and for the purpose of this blog here is what I have learned in the past 3 days: 1) I am stronger than this challenge and this challenge is making me stronger! 2) My true friends are super bad-ass and I love them dearly!

Move forward and just jump!

Move forward and just jump!

3) I am ready to pop that gross giant zit and make the move out east and 4) In the words of my dear Eva Kovacs I now believe I can take the leap and trust the net will appear.

I feel your love, support and I hear your blessings.

In other news – I have dropped another 3 pounds and I bought

My new fave t-shirt!

My new fave t-shirt!

this bad ass top from etsy. It arrived today and I love it, Golden Girls forever!!!

Be good!



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