The pictures are in!


How fitting on the last day of the year I get to share with you a handful of the pictures from my Aspire Fitness P2P photo shoot day.

It feels like it has been ages since the photo shoot. I feel even more committed than before to losing weight and getting Tracy Moore bad ass arms! Eating paleo over the holidays was surprisingly easy and when time got tight I did my work-outs in my little home basement gym. I had family stay with from the Cayman Islands for a couple days before Christmas so I had a 5 year old work-out partner. He was great and actually that little man was super motivating “Yes, Jon, I can do more lunges, let’s do it again!”.

It was also super nice having Derek home for a couple days. It was tough sending him back to Toronto and yes I did the “crying wife” scene at the airport (insert crying face emoji here).

Anyway, that is not why you are here…you wanna see the pics!!! Here we go! Pics taken by Kelly Morton, hair and make-up Pureessence!

My ladiesLewi my love!Elle est forteHappy head shotLBD and little black dogsSide profileProfessionalHappiness is...

What are your 2015 goals? Mine are simple – 1. Get a job in Toronto 2. Actually listen to my voicemail messages (UGH! I hate voicemail) 3. Drop 15 pounds between now and March 1st and 4. Way more hugging, kissing and….get ready DT ❤

Have a GREAT 2015 y’all and let’s attack this year beastmode style!

Be good!



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