The photo shoot and the days following!


Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?

My Push up’s to pin up’s photo shoot was on December 2nd and I apologize for taking so long to give you the whole low down!

On the Sunday leading up to the shoot I went to South Beach Tan and Travel and got a spray tan. My recommendation to you is, if you are fair skinned like me go with a light spray tan but be sure to ask for a smell added to your tan because spray tan solution doesn’t smell all that great (I went with Vanilla) and I also added the bronzing enhancer. With the Aspire Fitness P2P promo it cost $28. Now that my tan is gone, I miss it desperately!

The photo shoot day started off great! Derek was flying out of Winnipeg super early so I was up and at ’em by 6:30am! My appointment at the hair salon was for noon so I got to lounge around and feel super rested (hahahahaha I was actually busy cleaning my house and packing my photo shoot bag). I arrived at Puressence Spa and Salon and was quickly whisked away to get my hair all done up (long loose curls) and then I was off getting my make-up done (side note: They use Aveda products which smell and feel amazing). It was really nice feeling so special and pampered, the staff are super nice plus they have 2 salon dogs which are totally adorable! For my make-up I wanted it to be natural but I did opt for the false eyelashes – let’s go diva! Here is the before and after of me hanging out on the couch at home to all cleaned up at Puressence! before and aftersalon picAfter all of the primping I then rushed home and picked up Ruby and Lewi (my dogs), Jason from Aspire had asked for them to join us for some pics. The photographer for P2P is Kelly Morton and let me tell you a couple things about Kelly; 1. his studio is cool as hell! 2. he is super easy-going and patient 3. he is super into surfing as am I so we immediately bonded and 4. he is a crazy talented photographer! Check out his work here:

I did multiple wardrobe changes (5 I think) and I had also bought a couple prop type items (no spoilers – you will see them later). I did get to see a couple pics as they were being taken and I couldn’t be happier about how they turned out! I did at one point feel a tad narcissistic and felt like the Winnipeg version of Kim K (minus the butt photos). It will take a couple weeks before all of my pictures are back but Kelly did send me a couple just to wet my whistle! So, here they are!!

My ladiesBeast ModeTrust me, I did not do all of my photos with the dogs and yes, I love these 2 little fur beasts way too much!!

After the photos were taken and the false eye lashes were removed we headed out as a group for our post-P2P celebratory dinner at Earl’s. I had a burger, truffle fries, one apple cider (which totally gave me the giggles) and a piece of chocolate goodness! Moments later I did feel completely horrible and promised myself to never do that again…ok, that was a tad dramatic but it was a great reminder that full fat food is not my friend!

Overall, it was an incredible experience and I am so excited now to move onto “Custom fit” at Aspire! I have also had a couple occasions lately to indulge in carbs and each time I have deeply regretted it. I am still eating paleo 90% of the time but I have allowed the odd handful of pretzels back into the line-up (I love pretzels almost as much as I love Benedict Cumberbatch -good God he is sexy).

Once the rest of my pictures come back I will be posting them here and thank you so much for all of your notes of encouragement. This blog has kept me accountable and for that I am grateful. If there is one thing you take away from this post is, for all the excuses I had come up with (I am too busy, I am fine the way I am, this program is too intense for me, I might get injured) I couldn’t have been more wrong! I now feel strong again, confident again, unbreakable again and well….happy again! Added bonus, I met some really cool ladies! This old dog does have a couple tricks still left up her sleeve! Be good and bring it!





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