You make my eyes rain


Hey gang! It has been far too long since my last blog post and for that I am sorry but I am hoping you will give me a pass when I explain what has been going on in my little life.

So, if we are facebook friends then you already know but if we are not (why not? Add me at Fiona Odlum and my twitter is @fionaodlum and my instagram is Fiona Odlum, be warned I take a LOT of pics of my dogs. I make no apologies.) then you don’t know that I announced this week that my husband (Derek Taylor) has been hired as one of the anchors with TSN. Let me tell you a little something about me, I love routine, I thrive on it! So making a move like this is almost killing me and I haven’t even packed a single thing yet so that is just an indicator of how well I am handling things.

I had been trying to play it easy breezy for the past week but on Sunday it finally really hit me and I cried twice during spin class. I tried to pass it off as sweat in my eyes but I am pretty sure I wont be winning any Academy awards for my performance. From that point on the flood gates have been wide open and its been “bawlfest 2014”. Here area couple things that have me really wound up; I love my friends…let me say that again, I…L-O-V-E my friends! And I know, I know you are saying “your friends will never leave you so don’t worry” and that would work on normal people but I don’t have a big family and my friends are my family so this is tough for me. Secondly, I love my job. My job makes me feel accomplished, encouraged, inspired, appreciated and having been around the block a couple times I know that this doesn’t come around very often. Thirdly, and probably my biggest stress is, I love my house! We have busted our butts over the past 7 years to update our house and make it our own and the prospect of moving into something else (most definitely not the standard of living we have become accustomed too) with a giant ass commute is gut wrenching. And then finally, I am a prairie girl! I love being outside, I love taking long walks in the forest, I love that my drive to the gym requires I drive past a farmers field, I love the prairie horizon and I love prairie people. This will be my go to sweatshirt in Toronto just in case there is any mistaking me for a local!

Needless to say my work-outs have taken a bit of a hit the past 4 days (plus add in I got the flu shot this week and feel like crap). My P2P photo shoot is officially 3 1/2 weeks away and I need to be killing it in the gym but I haven’t been but I have become even more dedicated to paleo over the past 2 weeks than ever so that feels really, really good. When I first signed on to do P2P I thought that 12 weeks was totally insane, the diet was in my own words “stupid” and I would never see any results but now I just don’t want it to end because again in my own words “this sh*t works and I feel incredible”!

Thanks to P2P I finally fit this ultra-fitted dress which has been unworn in my closet for more than 2 years .

Thanks to P2P I finally fit this ultra-fitted dress which has been unworn in my closet for more than 2 years .


The next session of P2P starts 5 days before mine ends and I so desperately want to do it again. I am addicted to the changes the program is making to my body, my mind and my own personal strength. It truly has been an incredible journey and a blessing. I fully expect my photo shoot day to be Bawlfest 2014 the sequel. I do have to share this one photo I took the other day….over 2 years ago I bought this dress with the intention of losing weight so I could fit it properly – well low and behold it fits like a glove now and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Jason Penner, eating clean, lifting heavy and Burlington Coat Factory!


Ok, I know that I have been pretty much a Debbie downer (sorry to all Debbie’s I may have offended – you aren’t all downers)  and no I don’t have raging PMS but I have decided to give myself the right to have a pitty party about this move and then to smarten the hell up so I quote Mindy Kaling (whom I adore and worship)  lip gloss“Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched”. So, yes there will be many more sad days to come but I will do my very best to not bring down this blog to the point that it is being sponsored by Prozac. Already on the plus side, my online shopping has increased (my fave go to thing to do when I am sad) and I have been getting lots of really great positive emails from old friends who have already moved to T.O.

Here are things I am doing and pumped about, I recently bought this dress (on sale) and I just can’t wait to wear it plus I would like to add that I bought it 2 sizes smaller than my pre-P2P weight, I watched the movie “Horns” staring Daniel Radcliff over Halloween and it was horrible but I am going to see “Birdman” this week-end and I am totally jazzed about it, I also ordered this hoodie and if you don’t know about Hello Merch then you need to start clicking on this site right away and then finally, I am pumped to watch the Bison football team this week-end in their play-off game. Go Bisons, go! Here is a pic of me taken by David Lipnowski (incredible international photographer – great Winnipeg boy) during the 3rd quarter as the on-field announcer I host the 3rd quarter stretch, at last week’s game I spiced things up by asking everyone to do their best touchdown dance – My original idea was to pretend I was riding a horse but it looks more Gangnam Style. Have a great week and Toronto recommendations welcome!

Doing my best touchdown dance at the University of Manitoba Bison Football game!

Doing my best touchdown dance at the University of Manitoba Bison Football game!



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