Warning! This post is full of vanity, humility and exhaustion.



On Sunday’s I usually hit up Goodlife gym and go to a spin class but this day I also did some weights because I wanted to go full hardcore gym rat — and that is when I became “that girl” or as some people might say “a complete and utter douche bag!” for the record I am those “some people”. I was feeling super good and it was during this moment that I was overcome with vanity and yes….yes, I took a pic of myself at the GYM! I promise you here and now I will NEVER do it again. Enjoy this pic for all it’s douchey-ness! y douchebag gym selfe!


I got up early today to cover the morning weather/traffic shift at work. It was as always super fun and I got to wear my new bracelet which I love, love, love! It is from http://www.imsmistyle.com. Monday night I checked in for a work-out at Aspire and it was tough but Jason always make it fun so you hardly notice that you wanna puke! For the record, I puked after my work-out on Saturday .

You can get one to from imsmistyle.com

You can get one to from imsmistyle.com


What a bizarre news day!

For those who don’t live in sleepy ol’ Winnipeg, Manitoba the police announced at their morning meeting that they had discovered “deceased infants” (3-4 babies) in a storage locker and they had a person of interest in custody. This instantly became international news and my work day imploded — I have never written so many emails in my life. To manage the stress of the day I finally broke down and sipped on a pumpkin spice skinny steamer with my girlfriends!

A delicious cliche

A delicious cliche

Tuesday night we learned all about the photo shoot at the end of P2P — on the photo shoot day will start at noon at Puressence salon to get our hair and make-up done and then off to the Kelly Morton’s studio for the actual photo shoot. We learned about how our diet will change the last 2 weeks leading up to the shoot and I have to admit it has intimidated the crap out of me. Previous P2P’ers have also whitened their teeth and spray tanned prior to the shoot, I will for sure do the spray tan part. But most importantly, as soon as the photo session is over we will eat…eat like queens and I can’t wait! I have been desperate for a cinnamon bun for weeks and weeks!

But by the end of the day going to learn about spray tanning, hairstyles, posing and pure vanity, it was really hard for me to focus because I was thinking about the horror of the day and the upcoming election…


It had been weeks/months in the making – election day! None of us however thought that come election day it would be almost irrelevant. Here is why:

So, those 3-4 babies — ya, it was now 6 babies and a 40 year old woman was now in custody. Then later Wednesday morning an armed gunman shot and killed a solider in Ottawa (our nations capital) and stormed our parliament building! It was so completely shocking and I felt as if our world had stopped. Then the nail-biter election turned into a landslide and a new mayor was elected — pretty anticlimactic. Congrats new Mayor Brian Bowman.


I ended up working late and then to salvage the day I ended up going to a late movie — St. Vincent, starring Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Jaeden Lieberher. Hear me now, Bill Murray will be up for an Oscar for his performance in this film! I cried, laughed and was left wondering if I could watch it again immediately.


Work, gym, halloween movie party! We watched The Conjuring and it was terrifying! Did you know it is a true story! Sweet Jesus!


It was a day of puttering and shopping! I first hit up MAC and traded in my 12 empty make-up containers for 2 free lipsticks! Because they were free I went kind of cra-cra!

On the left - Bombshell On the right - Rebel

On the left – Bombshell
On the right – Rebel

Then I hit up Target because they had sent me a 10% off coupon for the weekend and that is where I found my new leather winter gloves (the fur is faux) for $24. Now that they are home they really do look like they belong to Mrs. Claus but I don’t care  and they were within my $40 glove budget.

They kind of scream ho ho ho! Merry Christmas but oh well!

They kind of scream ho ho ho! Merry Christmas but oh well!

And my final note about the week that was…I tried this new recipe for Honey Dijon potatoes and they really knocked my moccasins off! They meet the Fiona standard – cheap, easy, healthy, tasty – Give it a try http://iowagirleats.com/2012/11/07/apple-cheddar-chicken-tartines-with-honey-dijon-roasted-potatoes/

Be good my friends!



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