Are you talking to me??


Another week is in the books and I can hardly believe that we are almost at the half way point of P2P (Push-ups to Pin ups!). Definitely feeling as if progress is being had…ps. for the record, when your trainer says “I think your butt is getting firmer” it is probably not something you tell your husband. DT is super cool but it felt a little weird rolling off my tongue when I said it! But damn, tight buns!!

Some pretty great things have been happening lately. First off, I can’t believe how much I have fallen in love with my wardrobe! I know it is a ridiculous thing to say when there are much bigger things going on in the world right now (I am looking at you Ebola) but it is true. I am down about 12 pounds now and my clothes feel so much better. You know that feeling at the end of the day when you can’t wait to get your pants off because they have dug into your tummy for 8 hours? Ya, I don’t have that any more! Hallelujah! Secondly, I have become a full on “gym rat”! I freaking love it! I count down the hours until I can get to the gym and on the days that I can’t make it, I am not beating myself up over it!

overweight woman

But here comes the real awesomeness of the week! I was out walking the dogs the other day and my neighbor came running out her front door and yelled at me “Fiona! You are getting so skinny!! You are just wasting away”!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?? It was amazing, unexpected, super nice and completely motivating! It has been in my head all week and it has been glorious!

My new mantra at the gym has been “Tracy Moore! Get Tracy Moore arms!” If you aren’t sure who she is, she hosts Cityline and her arms the best thing on Canadian television! Plus, she seems like a pretty cool lady! Girl crush — engage! She is aware of my non-life-threatening feelings as we work for the same company and I may have emailed her once or 5 times!

Best arms in the biz!

Best arms in the biz!

In other news, I still haven’t had any pumpkin spice related drinks yet. Every time I think about it the line up at Starbucks is way too long and I bail. Gotta get me some pumpkin this weekend! I know life is really hard when this is your biggest issue. We went last week and finally got to see “Gone Girl”, it was AWESOME! But what wasn’t so great was the couple next to me drinking their smuggled vodka and proceeding to get crazy hammered. Always keepin’ it classy! This weekend we have so many movies to see, “Birdman” looks amazing (side note: have you seen Zack Galifianakis? Damn boy! He has lost some serious lbs!) and we want to see “Fury” — do I smell an Oscar nom for Shia??

So here are the goals for this week: squeak in more cardio when possible and I gotta go vote! Come on Winnipeg, it’s election time, let’s get out there!! I will also have something pumpkin and I will return the awesome karma to someone else in my neighbourhood and yell something nice at them too!

Be good!




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