Let’s get gross!


Alright, time to talk about poop!

Everyone keeps asking me “how are you feeling” or “have you noticed any changes yet?” and they are all referring to the paleo diet I am on as part of my Push ups to Pin up (P2) program and the answer is Y-E-S! I have noticed I am WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY less bloated, my skin feels better and I now take tiny little poops plus I rarely fart! Let’s lay it all out there….before P2P I knew that my body did not do well with breads, cakes and sitting down to eat a bowl of pasta was a sure fired 3 hour toilet sentence the next day but I did it anyway. I suffered with what I affectionately called “raging diarrhea” – like so bad that I have had to stop at many a restaurant (sorry patrons at Timmie’s) and it was never pretty. You know the kind of diarrhea that makes you terrified to move, the kind that makes you get super sweaty which all results in serious stomach cramps and massive consumption of Imodium- ya, I haven’t had ANY of that since going paleo! Coincidence?

farts 2010

To prove my love of farting – this pic was taken in Vegas in 2010!

PLUS, as someone who prides herself with her epic farting skills (I at one point thought about adding it to my resume under skills and abilities) this has become a distant memory thanks to the diet change. This has resulted in me having to console my husband, in our many years together he has named many of my farts and loves to reminisce of my “Machine gun fart” which occurred in the morning of my 39th birthday – yes, we are super classy around here. I guess we will have to find something else to laugh + bond about. Listen, if you are judging me/us right now just remember this, Princess Kate herself lets out a good ripper every now and again too, calling it a “Royal toot” doesn’t make it fancier!







On to the work-outs of the week, it was a good week (not great like last week) but it was so much fun being reminded at how awesome doing full on squats in a cage feel. I feel like a beast! I didn’t get all 4 of the work-outs done at the gym due to evening engagements which were unavoidable…your dad only turns 82 once! I have noticed I am feeling stronger and I am pretty sure my boobs are slightly smaller! No one else seems to have noticed any changes in my physique and to it was starting to bug me and then I remembered this pin I posted a couple months ago under “reminders”, it came in handy today and will help me stayed on track!12 weeks

I stayed true to my word and didn’t buy any clothes this week or jewelry – ugh, this week sucked! I did however have my bowling team over for supper on Saturday and my girlfriend was rockin’ an awesome infinity scarf and better yet it was locally made…I will own one of you! Check it out her shop here! https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/slyscarves?ref=related-shop-2&ga_search_query=sly+scarves&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery

My quest for the perfect leather glove will also begin this week. I am not a fan of gloves, I am more of a mitten girl but I need to be ready if I ever have to fill in on weather and that means standing outside with cold hands holding a clipboard. I spotted a couple nice ones at Marshall’s, any other suggestions? I have a budget of no more than $40.

I am going to save you 90 minutes of boredom and let you know that even though it was #1 on itunes this week-end, Chef, is a super boring movie. However if you wanna see SNL not stink then pull it up on VOD and watch Sarah Silverman work her magic, even if she wasn’t allowed be as edgy as she usually is it is still pretty good stuff! Her impersonation of Joan Rivers was crazy good!


So here are this weeks goals: Add in more cardio, try my hand at making cauliflower rice, find perfect leather gloves, check out the movie Gone Girl and to be helpful and kind (plus stress less about getting Ebola, for real I gotta stop thinking about it 24/7).

Be good!



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