Week 3 – bring it on!


14 days of Paleo (minus a day – you will see why) and 8 P2P work-outs at Aspire are in the books!

Last spring my husband and I were at a gala and he bid then won an auction item including Winnipeg Blue Bomber tickets to one game and 3 large pizza’s from Monitcchio’s (http://www.monticchios.com/). So, Friday meant no paleo for din din – instead I filled my belly with delicious pizza!

A couple of observations; #1. I ate 2 pieces and I was crazy full and #2. I only ate 2 pieces of pizza!!! What in sweet pizza heaven, only 2 pieces?! My stomach has shrunk! If you are new to Monticchio’s ‘zza like us, it is very much like New York style pizza – large cut sized pieces and really thin. We recommend the pepperoni – so much pepperoni!

Then on Saturday we attended an amazing wedding in Elm Creek, Manitoba. The bride and groom were totally beaming with love and it was a gorgeous day, minus the prairie storm which hit right after the ceremony. I did my best to go paleo at the dinner but did allow myself to have a treat at the cookies and milk bar and indulged in 2 homemade cookies…ok, that’s a lie, it was 3….let’s say 3 1/2 just to be completely honest…Adell and Richard's wedding

But here are the things I am very proud about from this weekend – I went to the gym before our party on Friday and again on Sunday when I was completely exhausted. These are work-outs 2 weeks ago I would have easily talked myself out of because “I have to clean my house” or “It’s ok to be lazy because that is what Sundays are for!” and truthfully if it wasn’t for P2P I absolutely would have NEVER done it! PLUS, eating non-paleo wasn’t a great feeling but it was a great reminder to stay on track and I am now a huge fan of coconut flour!

I did try a new recipe this weekend which will be my new go to breakfast for the rest of the week because it was super easy, super yum and super cheap! If you like oatmeal give this a try! http://www.paleolland.com/2013/overnight-oats-apple-nut-crumble/

One of my work-outs this week-end also included step up squats and I wasn’t sure exactly what they were so I Googled them and stumbled upon this instructional video and then read up about the woman doing the explanation – Kim Lyons. She is a bad ass fitness chick and it is early days in our relationship (we have no relationship) but I think she is cool! Try a step up squat today! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIgYYEZgDIM

So, this is where I will leave for now…I pledge however this week to keep a positive attitude all week (a.k.a No bitching about Kale. I am sorry Kale, last week I wasn’t myself and it wasn’t personal. You are probably a good dude but I wasn’t buying what you were selling. Friends?), I will kill it at the gym and perhaps if I am super good I will treat myself to the biggest fall cliche ever – PSL!

Be good my friends! PumpkinSpice




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