PMS, paleo AND Pratt!


We are on day 8 of trying to eat paleo and yes, I am counting the days!!! No, it hasn’t been torture. Yes, it has been a change, change is good. Obama won over an entire country with “Change we can believe in” and even the less popular “Change we need” both apply to this situation! So hear me roar “Yes we can”! OK, ok that’s enough Obama love for one post. But seriously, having crazy PMS and trying to eat paleo is a test of willpower that no woman should ever have to endure! Lord have mercy!

Now on to the real business of the day. I….am…obsessed with….Chris Pratt! Not in my usual inner 14 year old girl kind of way (hubba hubba) but in the way of “daaaaaaaaaamn, you look good boy”! I know I am not the first to jump on the Pratt band wagon but this week I found myself channeling him my inner Pratt on my last work-out and it really motivated me to kick it up a couple notches. Thanks Chris and I may call on you again sometime again very soon!




Damn! You look good!! 50 – heel touches ? No problem!



My first real transformation crush happened way back in the 2003 and it belonged to the one and only, Linda Hamilton! Her show stopping scene from T3 when she was is in the psych ward doing chin-ups in that white tank top!!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! I remember nothing else from that movie other than those chin-ups and those guns! In preparation of the role she quit smoking and began working out like a beast and it showed. Hear me now, doing chin-ups in a psych ward have never been on my fitness bucket list but tank top guns (not to be confused with sweater puppies) have always been on my list! Let the sculpting begin!

Here are facts that I can confirm for this week: making paleo food has become easier/somewhat fun, working out is f-ing awesome and I love it, I have a confirmed shopping addiction and I rock out in my car to Ariana Grande while covered in old lady shame!


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