Light switch moment!


It has finally happened, I have crossed over the resistance bridge! Over the weekend, I had a bunch of commitments which required me to eat…eat really yummers food (Shwarma, Harvest supper, Pizza party x2, gorgeous desserts) and while I was able to make modifications to all of the events (expect one of the pizza parties) I think I did pretty great. Part of the P2P (push-ups to pin-ups) program is to eat paleo – where I agree with the basic foundation of eating paleo, which is essentially eating beautiful unprocessed foods, I do believe that certain grains are still good in moderation (oatmeal, quinoa and brown rice).

For this 12 week challenge I have committed (in my brain) to cut out processed foods, fast food, pastas and breads – so far it has been surprisingly easy….when I am at home and have time that is, when I am on the road or working 16 hours in a day things get really tricky! A woman can eat only so many apples in a day and please don’t suggest eating raw veggies because they just repeat on me all day. Any, it’s all about baby steps!

But where does the light switch come? Well, that belongs to one Ms. Katie Couric and her movie Fed Up. It’s all about how obesity is killing Americans at a staggering rate, that everything is being puppet mastered by big business and that if you wanna beat the odds and stick it to big business you gotta start cooking at home! I just saved you an hour and 38 minutes of your life. I actually do recommend it, very interesting!. But cooking you say? Why didn’t you say something before!


FEd up



This week-end I have been cooking up a storm and even though I said I wouldn’t make paleo baking – I went there (sort of)! I found a super/cool/easy paleo recipe for pumpkin protein pancakes which taste like Starbuck’s pumpkin spice lattes. Recipe is here: I figure if I keep looking for scrummy healthy recipes then I think we will be rocking and rolling with this whole paleo eating business!

Other eeek-end highlights:

Bought a super cute cardigan from Target (they do a good ‘cardi’ and they are currently 20% right now), finally went up to the farm (haven’t been up there in MONTHS!), had a great couple work-outs, watched the movie “Mortified Nation” and it is hilarious , I also went to Tiny Feast Stationary (I spent so much money, cringe/love it) , AND most importantly I cleared our the cupboards of all processed snacks (don’t tell DT -eek)!

Here is to a G-R-E-A-T week!




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