Excited/intimidated – Day 1


Here we go!

It’s my first work out and my first look at the brand new H&M that is opening in Winnipeg (more on that later). When I arrived at Aspire today I was incredibly scared about getting my measurements done and jumping on the scale – I like to think of myself as pretty confident (not in a “I am so awesome” kind of way but more like “hey, this is me, you are you, let’s be friends!”) and I know I need to lose some lbs but I also know I can run 10k right now and not need an oxygen machine to do it! Anyway, as it turns out today wasn’t weigh in day (agony prolonged!) but instead it was do box jumps for 19 minutes and wake up those muscles…ps. Yo! Spin Class, you prepared me for nothing! *shaking my fist at you! Either way, I survived, I smiled and I got my sweat on!

One thing you will notice when you go to Aspire is they have 2 big posters up with motivating quotes and this one caught my eye “Dear Fat, Prepare to Die! xoxoxo, Me” it made laugh when I thought I didn’t have any air left in my lungs!








But did the work kill me? Not really but when my gal Tracey and I went to the sneak peek of H&M I could totally feel the after tremors of a really good work-out – my quads and shoulders were screaming (but in a good way -like when you are front row at a Bruno Mars concert!). Back to the shopping…H&M Winnipeg is big! Like huge big! The prices are so beyond reasonable and I don’t want to point fingers (side eye to you Forever XXI) but the quality of the product seems better. BUT when I got home my girl Deb brought up a great point, she doesn’t like all these stores coming to Winnipeg – she likes going away, picking up clothes you can’t get back home so when struts the streets of peg-city she feels unique and not like all the other Winnipeg hotties!

But what did I buy? 2 sweaters, a gorgeous, super tight pencil skirt (which I love) and a necklace!

Things I need to work on if I wanna succeed at this program- drink more water (diet Pepsi is water based right?), wake-up earlier, start meal planning on the weekends. Basically, I need to become disciplined! Looking forward to work-out numero deux – bring on your worst Jason Penner!shopping



One thought on “Excited/intimidated – Day 1

  1. Leslie

    Hope to get motivated myself Fiona! Thanks for starting this blog. You look great in the picture, when I work out my face is beet red😕

    Best Wishes


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